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The Great Flu should not be read just as a curiosity or history lesson, but as a warning that humanity has been living in the wrong way for centuries.

Review | The Great Flu - John M. Barry

Finally released in Brazil, with a delay of approximately 16 years, the book The Great Flu: The History of the Spanish Flu, The Deadliest Pandemic of All Time, arrives by the publisher Intrinsic.

The book of John M. Barry it is a true history and journalism class, both investigative and social, in addressing the events that led not only to the flu that killed millions of people, but also to the (r) evolutions of science and medicine that have been happening since the end of the 19th century , when Europe was looking for new solutions in the treatment of people and the USA started its journey from one of the most mediocre countries in medicine, to be an example years later.

In addition to showing the events of World War II, The Great Flu it serves as a parallel to the current pandemic problems, as our great-grandparents and grandparents experienced the horrors of this disease. Like us, they were forced to live confined, to wear masks, but with a huge addendum: they did not have all the communication facilities (internet, smartphones), in addition to ifoods and masks sold on the corners with designs that we want to choose.

Resenha | A Grande Gripe - John M. Barry 1

It was an unprecedented time, because until then, the Spanish Flu was unlike anything that had ever been seen. Doctors and scientists could only work with hypotheses, while the population fell dead on the streets and at home. And this was not just in Europe or elsewhere in America. Brazil has also suffered from the disease and many older people will remember wagons passing down the street and taking the bodies of those who died at home. The Spanish Flu did not distinguish anyone.

In this way, as suggested by bill Gates, The Great Flu: The History of the Spanish Flu, The Deadliest Pandemic of All Time, is mandatory reading to understand the pandemic in which we currently live. In addition, it serves as a warning that there is something very wrong in our way of life, because year after year, humanity suffers from some type of disease, especially the flu.


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