Review: The Great Illusion- Harlan Coben



Harlan Coben he is an author who needs no introduction. Even with his ups and downs, he has a loyal audience, who will hardly be displeased with any of his works, since they were conquered by the narrative theme and small twists of his works.

In The Great Illusion, his 29th published book, Coben presents an intriguing plot, full of mysteries and suspicions, that mess the mind of the protagonist - and the readers. The story features Maya, a former war pilot who has just returned from the battlefield and ends up facing the death of her husband a few days after her return. Or at least that's what she thought, until she came across a security footage of her home showing her late husband. So, the real mystery begins, how can a deceased appear in the video? Did he forge his death? And if it was forged, what is the reason behind it? Maya needs to race against time to protect herself and her loved ones from this imminent danger.

The book takes the reader through an intriguing plot that reveals an impressive ending. Through all this mystery, the author manages to surprise with the presented ending, again using his narrative formula that initially seems to contain several investigative clichés, but turns out to be totally different at the end.

Full of intrigue and mystery, The Great Illusion is an agonizing work that will please fans and those unfamiliar with the author's stories.


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