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With a good writing, the book manages to keep the suspense even using many timelines.

Review | The Guest List – Lucy Foley

famous for The Last Party, Lucy Foley launches his new thriller that promises to be another hit. The Guest List shows an extremely chic wedding party where something goes terribly wrong, however, you have to get to the end of the reading to find out what-and how-it happened.

Centered on the wedding ceremony of Julie and Will, the plot takes place over a weekend on an island in Ireland, where the main guests all seem to have dark secrets. The bride and groom are famous, she for being a successful online magazine owner, he for hosting a survival show. Consequently, your guests are high-ranking people who always seem to have the most skeletons in their closets.

Throughout the narrative, the author takes the reader to know her characters and her past, always keeping the tone of suspense, especially about Will, when she has always mentioned an obscure act in school, with the help of her classmates who are groomsmen at the wedding, and a mysterious note Julie received, saying he can't be trusted. But it's not just him the focus, Olivia, Julie's sister, has something very striking from her past that affects her behavior, Charlie has a strange intimate relationship with the bride who leaves his wife, Hannah, suspicious and John, best friend of the groom, had her life destroyed by a mysterious episode at school.

Using two-stage writing, which sometimes turns into more, the story shows the weekend, interspersing with the moment when the crime will be revealed and travels back to show each individual problem presented. In some cases it is possible to notice the excess of times used, which do not interfere with the evolution of events, but make it a little confusing for the moment.

Little by little, fragments of each of these cases are revealed, which come together and bring a great outcome to the book. Foley shows small abuses that each of these characters suffered, which is the real reason for being a good work, it's all so real and accurate, that the reader gets involved with each guest and the details of life are more interesting than discovering what happened that night of the wedding. The entire intimate plot takes the facts to fit the final revelation, which even though it's not the best part of it, is surprising and rewarding.

The Guest List it is a work that goes beyond the suspense of a murder, it enters intimately into the everyday abuses suffered by people and becomes a very realistic and profound book. Without losing the suspenseful details of the reading, the author is able to explore real problems, which are considered common, and show the enormous consequences of each one, greatly enriching the plot that goes beyond a common crime.


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