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Marca do Zorro is a timeless book that is easy and quick to read, introducing us to a Zorro beyond what we thought we knew.

Review | The Mark of Zorro - Johnston Mcculley

100 years ago a book was written that would mark several generations and serve as inspiration for several authors, such as Bob Kane, creator of Batman.

This book is The Mark of Zorro! There, with a quick, simple and dynamic reading, Johnston Mcculley introduced us to a hero. Not a new one, as Zorro was the first to have a secret identity and wear a mask. But this is a subject that we have already discussed in our character's 100-year interview.

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It may not seem new or even interesting to read a century-old book, especially of a character we already know so much, but it is the other way around. The work is a big surprise! Its simple reading as stated above, is radically different from the elaborate or "heavy" forms of other style novels or others, such as Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia,among others. His style is cinematic and often borders on the script of comics.

For this reason it ended up becoming a movie, series, comics and being in the media until today.

We are introduced to a California different from the one we think we know. The state that still belongs to Mexico, keeps the names of the cities in the original, like San Diego de Alcála. The characters are memorable and interesting. They are beyond Zorro's antagonists, being ordinary people who deal with their day-to-day problems. There are no villains here, but the great villain, who tyrannizes the inhabitants of California. Nothing not unlike today.

Social issues are presented objectively and it looks like the book was written recently. Even the hero and his alter ego, Don Diego De La Vega, are so common that they end up becoming figures that we can easily identify with.

Here there is no way to force the reader to sympathize with the hero, with something that happened in his origin that was negative and made him what he is. Don Diego just saw what was wrong and did something. There was no need for something negative to happen to him. This is what makes the story so fascinating. Because in addition to having such a rich cultural and historical narrative, we know a lot but the legend.

The book The Mark of Zorro was launched by Panda Books, with a good finish and mini history on its creation and migration to other media, in addition to an entire historical context of 19th century California.

It is undoubtedly a book for every adventure and character lover to have in their collection.


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