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Start HQ Reviews | Manga Book Review: The Girl on the Other Side #2 (Totsukuni no Shoujo) - Nagabe

Book Review: The Girl on the Other Side #2 (Totsukuni no Shoujo) - Nagabe

Few comic or manga adaptations get a review with us. The Girl on the Other Side it is one of those rare exceptions.

Resenha: A Menina do Outro Lado #2 (Totsukuni no Shoujo) – Nagabe 1

The second volume continues with the same introspective narrative through Sensei, which keeps its thoughts on how to protect Shiva.

-> See the review of the first volume by clicking on here.

Interesting in this protection - which seems to be more than just the outside world -, is that Sensei protects her much more from the emotional, always wondering how she will react when she finds out about the curse and that her Aunt doesn't return. It reaches the point of so much introspection that it ends up entering a world of its own and does not realize that it ends up hurting little Shiva.

Other cursed ones enter the story and little by little the universe of this fantastic manga unfolds, or becomes more mysterious.

Answers are not given. More questions are asked by readers, through Sensei and we dive in search of solutions, but we are so far from the sun that we do not realize that this journey to go to the bottom will leave us away from this light and may drown us.

Resenha: A Menina do Outro Lado #2 (Totsukuni no Shoujo) – Nagabe 2

The second edition of Darkside publisher maintains the quality of its releases. The hard cover and the internal paper with a heavier weight, make it easier to read anywhere, especially for those who like to read in transport, since it has a good grip because it has a square spine and can turn its pages with a single hand.

In the end, this new volume brings two extras of the internal story, which makes you ask about the creation and where the author was based to tell this story.

The Girl on the Other Side it's an intimate manga, about how much we fear for those we love, but we don't realize the pain we can cause, just as we can destroy ourselves in this quest.

Thunder Wave note
The second volume grows in the narrative, keeps the reader trapped in its story, but the positive point, which are two extras, ends up leaving a little to be desired, since the publisher could have added more curiosities. However, it may also have been due to a limitation of the original edition.


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