Book Review: The Girl on the Other Side #3 (Totsukuni no Shoujo) - Nagabe


Resenha: A Menina do Outro Lado #3 (Totsukuni no Shoujo) – Nagabe 1

Growth. This is a word to define the third edition of The Girl on the Other Side gives Darkside Books.

The manga continues to grow in the development of its history, with new characters that are introduced and mainly with new questions. With each answer we have, 3 new questions appear.

After the arrival of Aunt in the second number, we wanted to know more about how humans managed to survive and live on the other side of the wall. The manga narrative knows how to lead us and make us forget for a few pages all the mystery that involves all beings in the forest and what is really happening, as well as the beings that were shown. Who are they? What do they really want? What is the soul?

These are questions that were left aside - on purpose - so that the reader could meet other characters and thus not get tired of the drama that happens in life between the Sensei and Shiva. The coming of Shiva's Aunt takes us to a new stage, where humans have not yet been “contaminated”, but live within the uncertainty of what can happen, while their leaders seem to know what this is all about, but still , remain in doubt if they know what the curse is about.

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One of the highlights of this edition is to show how a doubt imposed on a child's mind can become a real monster. Even knowing and living next to a person who never hurt you, but protected you from all kinds of evils, still, this great villain can take over your mind.

These are interesting points that the work addresses. This review may even look like a copy of the previous one when talking about the manga being intimate, bringing new questions and growing with each issue. But this just shows that The Girl on the Other Side it is well written and does not escape its roots. Shiva remains the central character of the plot and now we have discovered new parts of the puzzle of who she is, but not what she represents.

The Girl on the Other Side it is a manga of great quality in its history, with psychological contents of who we really are and to understand the existence of others not only in the world around us, but how much we exert this influence to break these fences.



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