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Book Review: The Girl on the Other Side #4 (Totsukuni no Shoujo) - Nagabe


The story of Outsiders and Shiva continues. In this fourth number in the series of The Girl on the Other Side gives Darkside, ends up becoming more emotionally intense.

The characters, both Sensei and Tia, bring antagonistic feelings and at the same time possessive as Shiva. From the chest pain that the reason is unknown, such as the accusations and trials, this issue is a work that ends up separating a little from previous events, as it is a necessary pause in the narrative.

It is no longer discussed what the Curse is, what happened to the villagers where Shiva was and what it really is. The important thing now are the emotional parts that involve the characters' relationships, mainly about what security is for each of them.

Both Sensei and Tia want to protect Shiva, but each in their own way. But each one cannot dialogue as it is this way, losing each other in their own way for reasons that only they can see.

Meanwhile, the little girl continues with her look and unique way of understanding the world around her. For her, everything is simple, where a smile and good food, especially family chores, are the answer. And is she wrong?

The graphic quality of this manga continues, with no loss in its layout or making the reader tired. The print and quality of Darkside Books was kept up with the hardcover and its easy-to-handle format.

A Menina do Outros Lado is a work without a doubt different from the latest releases that arrived in Brazil, as it brings a dialogue that ends up fitting in a time of confinement and social distancing, as now many readers can understand the pain of not being able to play or hugging those we love, especially in times of pain and joy.



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