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Review | The Other Black Girl- Zakiya Dalila Harris


the other black girl is a work about diversity that succeeds in putting the vision of a black girl on the small dilemmas of life, while presenting a mystery totally different from anything that has been done, but which ends up giving the feeling of being little worked on.

Through in her, the reader is taken into the daily life of a young black assistant at the Wagner publishing house, where at first she is the only colored woman in the office. Resentful of the lack of diversity in the place, and spurred on by campaigns for inclusion after the famous and shocking episodes of American police against blacks, Nella desires a partner and is very happy when hazel appears as a new wizard. However, the joy soon turns to despair when a short time later she starts receiving notes telling her to leave Wagner. Not knowing if it's threats or warnings, Nella becomes suspicious of everyone and starts a little investigation to find out what's going on—and how to save the job she's worked so hard to get.

With this investigation as a starting point, history presents a lot of black culture and the prejudices - big and small - suffered by them, mainly in relation to women. In this sense, Zakiya Delilah Harris does a sensational work, delivering to the few moments that fit with the events in a non-linear way, including in the protagonist's thoughts, without losing any sense at any time.

While working out the core and critical events surrounding Nella and her colleagues, and the inclusion of the notes, the plot works very well. At the same time that she shows the assistant, the author presents facts from around 40 years ago, when a problem that refers to one of the first successful black women writers happened and at these points the narrative is very intriguing.

However, when it comes time to cross these stories and bring resolution, there is a logical and very critical explanation, but one that leaves some poorly worked holes in the way and unresolved details. Broadly, the outcome explains the events, but forgets some small moments that remain without a satisfactory closure.

Zakiya Dalila Harris presents in the other black girl a very original idea, which makes an uneasy appeal to prejudice and the lack of empathy with those who suffer it, both for whites and for blacks. It is an example of representativeness, which only fails to develop the proposed mystery a little, but leaves its mark on literature.



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