Review: The Pagan Stone - Nora Roberts



In Blood Brothers, Nora Roberts started the trilogy Sina do Sete, presenting the cruel curse that falls on the city of Hawkins Hollow every seven years. Now in The Pagan Stone, the author ends this interesting saga.

Is at The Pagan Stone, it ends events beautifully. This time with a greater focus on Cybill and Cage, the book shows the way to the dreaded final battle. The highlight of this work is its “protagonists”. Cybill and Cage do not deviate from the pattern of the novel, the couple promised to be different since the previous volumes and that is exactly what they deliver, a different path and much less focused on the novels that we commonly see in books.

Therefore, the time spent preparing for battle and new discoveries is much longer. Everything flows naturally, with new challenges and events, until finally arriving in a small and brilliant turnaround that compensates the reading of the entire trilogy.

However, the long-awaited battle leaves something to be desired. Nothing that really gets in the way of the experience, but everything happens so fast, albeit in a very rational way, that it can leave a feeling that "something else" was missing for some readers.

Sina do Sete it's a great trilogy, and Nora Roberts proves that it still manages to impress, even with a theme already used. It is a captivating and even a little unpretentious reading, which you can hold from beginning to end without difficulty.

The Pagan Stone it is almost an example of how to end a good saga. Not clinging to the happily ever after, the work ends by delivering exactly what he proposed, well resolved and without complications.


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