Review: The Prophecy of Shadows - Rick Riordan



Rick Riordan continues to surprise us with its series based on Greek heroes and gods. In The Prophecy of Shadows, second book in the saga Apollo's Trials, in addition to his character's characteristic humor, the author plays with some characteristic clichés of adventures of this style, of his own way of writing and with the adventures of Greek heroes and their names that end in "os".

Apollo he remains more narcissistic than Narcissus himself, and he seems to have learned nothing from his last adventure. And this is logical, since he was always like that and it would be strange from nowhere for him to become something contrary to what he is. Leo and Calypso they show the shock of who they are, or rather, who Calypso was, since he lost his Goddess powers and needs to find out who he is in this new world.

New characters appear in this adventure, either to lend a hand or simply disrupt the heroes' lives.

One of the greatest assets of this series is its lighter and more fun tone, since the three characters are nothing alike and would never be put to work together on a mission.

Leo is not a warrior like Percy and Calypso lacks the intelligence and cunning of Annabeth. For millennia she has only been isolated on her island living peacefully.
And Apollo, well, he's just himself, only in the body of a teenager with a pimple that doesn't even come out with the best cosmetics.

The second adventure of the heroes grows and new worlds are introduced. Challenges are more complicated as only Riordan can present us and create more expectations for new adventures.


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