Review: Royalty - Masters of War



Adult readers usually like to see deeper subjects in comics, for this there is the seal Vertigo, who rarely uses superpowers in his plots. The stories on this label are aimed at people over 18 and therefore tend to have heavy images, explicit violence and low vocabulary, but there are times when it just puts a premise focused on scientific subjects, or revolving around physics, as is the case. in DPF.

However, adults also like to have fun and from time to time they also want to see superpowers, without giving up a more complex plot. For that there is Royalty: Masters of War, which mixes all these elements.

Based on facts from the real world, HQ takes place in the middle of the events of the second world war. The focus is on the British royal family, who stay away from battles by order of the king, until the Prince Henrytired of suffering, he decides to use his powers to help. Yes, the royal family has powers! Henry, your sister Rose, his brother Arthur and his mother Sofia have gifts. Men have a kind of super strength and are indestructible, while women have psychic powers.

Resenha: A Realeza- Mestres da Guerra 1
Royalty - Masters of War | Image: Panini

The plot develops between political intrigues and war tactics, but maintaining the right space to explore family relationships, envies, betrayals and even a little incest. Personal values are questioned at all times in this interesting work and the combination of these real and profound elements transform  Royalty - Masters of War in an engaging and extremely interesting read.

The art of Simon Coleby complements this incredible script presented by Rob Willians. Coleby's features are beautiful and remain in an obscure tone, which perfectly conveys to the reader the climate of despair and horror of war.

Resenha: A Realeza- Mestres da Guerra 2
Simon Coleby art | Image: Panini

Royalty - Masters of War is an amazing comic that easily pleases by uniting everything we like to see in the comics. With the bonus of exploring human behavior and various controversial subjects, it is a work that will certainly embellish the bookcase and provide a little more culture to the reader.


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