Book Review: The Animal Revolution - George Orwell



One of the greatest political works with the Prince of Machiavelli and 1984 of the author himself, gains a new guise, with the same content, through the illustrated adaptation of Odyr.

The Animal Revolution tells the story of how animals, through an idea, gained power and managed to misrepresent their entire conception.

It is simple, objective and timeless.

The book was written in the Second World War and launched in 1945 and to this day it manages to maintain its relevance. Showing how much the human being has not changed at all.

Like the book, this adaptation of Cia da Letras, for its seal Comics in the company, manages to fantastically complement all the expositiveness of what the changes are.

If in the original work, we already had the feeling of feeling through some of the characters who are in doubt and others who end up turning everything into hatred, here Odyr transforms the words into something visual and charming, and often frightening.

Its layout is thick as its content requires and each painting is pure art. It's like seeing a painting on display and it comes to life.

Odyr was able to translate every word, feeling and idea of George Orwell on something that has no excuse to check.

If the reader didn’t want to read because he thought The Animal Revolution it was difficult to read, this time there is no escape.

And it is worth mentioning that the text maintains the same as the book, having only Odyr's art as a complement.

The Animal Revolution it is a must-read for all those who have a restless spirit and who ask questions.


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