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A work suitable for those who like romance.

Review | The Selection - Kiera Cass

A youth literature, which tells the story of America Singer, a young woman who wants to be in control of her own life. However, she finds herself in a choice that will decide her future: The selection.

America wouldn't change anything in your life unless
be the fact that you want to have a little more money and be able to reveal your secret dating. At the insistence of his mother, America ends up signing up for the national team, confident that he would go unnoticed. However, it becomes one of the
selected and his life starts to take different directions to which he dreamed.

The selection it is a competition that comprises thirty-five beautiful young women of different castes in which the prince will choose his future wife, the princess of Illéa. Relatively new country, with new rules and customs. His society lives for the sake of the kingdom and it all started after the independence of China that had conquered the United States. Thus, new laws were created and among them, the one that most generates effects on society is the competition or the process of selecting a new princess, with the premise that the people think they are closer to royalty.

Within this process, the thirty-five selected will undergo evaluations that take place in the presence of the entire court and are televised daily. While they are participating, they are paid, protected and acquired a little fame. The most interesting and peculiar within this plot is that the society of Illéa consists of eight castes and it is difficult for a girl of poor caste to participate or advance within the stages.

Right away, we know that America is a five and that it belongs to the caste of manual artists. In general, the variety to which it belongs is devoid of many riches and is quite simple. She agrees to participate in the Selection at the request of her mother who sees an opportunity to change her life. At first, we see that she does not want to participate at all and does not even strive to do so. It promises to Aspen, her boyfriend, with whom she has been for two years, who will not be chosen.

However, in the development of the plot, America is fond of the prince Maxon, which is very interesting right away. But this fairy tale is more complicated than we can imagine. Many social and political issues present in the real world, appear in the universe of America. Often, driven by emotion, the young woman acts on impulse and finds herself on the verge of disqualification with every ill-thought decision.

The plot is well written and at each paragraph you feel obliged to continue until you know. In the end, you are so curious and unhappy with so many questions addressed that you have to read the rest of the sequence to discover the future and the end of our sweet America Singer.

If you like romance, this book is great for you. Recalling that a film adaptation is being considered. Written by Kiera Cass (child and youth writer), The selection is part of a trilogy. The first book was released in 2012 in Brazil and the United States. Here by the publisher Following and there for HarperTeen. Even after the end of the trilogy, the author launched The Heiress, which tells the story of the daughter of the main character in 2 books.


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