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The Essex Serpent leads the reader to believe that he has already understood all the events, when in fact he is still totally stuck in a swamp of mystery up to his neck.

Review | The Essex Serpent – Sarah Perry

The Essex Serpent written by Sarah Perry and launched in Brazil by Intrinsic publisher, has just won a streaming adaptation for the Apple TV +starring Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston.

The book takes place in London, 1893. It is with relief and sadness that Cora Seaborne becomes a widow. After the death of her controlling husband, she moves from the metropolis to Essex with her son Francis, an obsessive and curious boy, and the boy's nanny, Martha, in the hope that the change of environment and the fresh air can serve. of refuge for the family.

As they settle in this new place, however, she soon learns of rumors about the Essex Serpent, a mythical creature that, in the past, according to local legend, roamed the swamps claiming lives, and which has now returned to terrorize the coastal parish. from Aldwinter. Cora, an amateur naturalist with no patience for superstition, is enchanted by the story, convinced that the monster described by the population is, in fact, a species not yet known. Starting a search from the traces of this legend, she is introduced to William Ransome, the vicar of Aldwinter, an unbelieving and suspicious man who fears that these inventions and fantasies will distract people from the true path of faith.

While William tries to calm his faithful, he and Cora seek to discover the truth behind the myth and, although completely different, establish an intense and surprising relationship in equal measure. The Essex Serpent it is a celebration of love and the many ways in which it can manifest.

The Essex Serpent, as described above, is a more than exciting book. His writing style, more formal, may even turn off some readers who find this boring, but if given the opportunity, they will come across something that will completely absorb them. The book makes you forget that you are really reading something, because its story and characters are so well elaborated, that the reader will be totally absorbed in this novel.

The book is full of layers, such as the English society of the time, how they lived, their thoughts and how the character, now widowed, interacts with everyone around her. The other is the mystery surrounding a death. The body was found with a totally strange expression. And to put it all together, we still have all the superstition that surrounds the place and society of the time.

These are the fillings The Essex Serpent, that the reader will be totally intrigued, even more because it involves a triad that is very difficult to work and/or explore: Faith, Reason and freedom. Each of these aspects will be there during the story and will even explore the reader and make him really dive into the depths of each character to understand the events.

Like a good mystery book, The Essex Serpent leads the reader to think that he is right at many points for throughout the plot to realize that everything he thought to be true, were nothing more than loose stones in a swamp. Therefore, a good dose of imagination and an open mind to the events, will make the reader really delight in this story and its characters so well outlined.


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Review | The Essex Serpent - Sarah PerryThe Essex Serpent leads the reader to believe that he has already understood all the events, when in fact he is still totally stuck in a swamp of mystery up to his neck.
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