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Sincerely? The Last Love Letter is the kind of book that slowly conquers us. It has an interesting plot, the protagonists are amazing women. Jojo Moyes has a writing that captivates and makes us reflect. I ended the book with the feeling that I've relearned the meaning of love... maybe we all have an overwhelming passion that lasts for decades, we just need to find it. The work is worth reading.

Review | The Last Love Letter

For those who know the writing of Jojo Moyes, you know that the author likes to address thorny topics. Even when it comes to a novel, Moyes never fails to propose reflection on subjects that are normally condemned by society.

In the book The Last Love Letter, a narrative about love and how it is represented, felt, seen over time, the reader is able to reflect on social prejudice, divorce, betrayal, different financial conditions, motherhood, respect, independence of women and one of the main issues, the important role of technology in the transformations experienced by society and how it takes place in a relationship between people. In the plot, we see the union of two love stories, not very different and not very similar. In this reading, Jojo Moyes makes us reflect the real meaning of marriage, passion and the kind of love that goes beyond years and years.

In The Last Love Letter we are presented with two narratives. One in the past, in the 60's and the second in modern times. The plot, portrayed in 1960, addresses the steps of Jennifer, a trophy wife. Already the plot that takes place in current times tells the footsteps of Ellie, a journalist who is facing a troubled phase, because since she started a romantic relationship with a married man, things are not going very well... what we see her do is stay thinking about him and the future where they can be together without having to worry about his wife. Will it happen? And the guilt? However, Ellie needs to keep her feet on the ground because she needs to secure her job and that's where the two stories connect. Ellie has to write a new story for the magazine she works for, and while she's researching the collection, she ends up finding a letter from decades ago. Curious and moved by what she found, the journalist ends up investigating the life of the woman in the letter and tries to find out if the couple to which the love letter belongs have achieved the long-awaited happy ending.

"Such women tend to have little interesting to say, as they have been admired all their lives for their looks."

The letter Ellie found was written to Jennifer who is portrayed as a beautiful woman, happily married, in fact she is seen as a trophy for one of London's most famous entrepreneurs of 1960. However, she falls madly in love with another man and this romance unfolds through secretly exchanged love letters. But Jennifer ends up suffering an accident that affects her memory and she doesn't remember this great love. The dynamics of the work takes place through the intercalation of stories. We see Jennifer, in her distant past, narrating how her true love happened and in her near past, a Jennifer trying to pick up the bits that were left of a memory that no longer has. And the charm is the junction, the connection with the present, the plot of Ellie that seeks balance between her love life and her discoveries about Jennifer's letters.

The plot written by Jojo Moyes already starts with the theme of betrayal and there are those who start reading by turning their nose up. But that is the “x” of the question. Here, Moyes makes us reflect on the matter and question whether betrayal, out of love, is worth the risk? The author tells the story of these two women with extramarital affairs and from the union of Ellie and Jennifer, we can think of the various faces of love. We realize that Ellie sees in Jennifer's letters the answers she seeks to solve her problems. Do you realize she wants to find a reason to justify the love she's been living through Jennifer's letters? These cards are like a cane. The interesting point is that the young girl looks for solutions in the distant past for her uncertainties.

"My love, you will discover, in time, that a little flexibility to talk is part of life."

Another point that is very relevant and positive is the love that Jennifer lives with Mr. B. In the plot, we see that women could not think or express themselves. They served to please and satisfy their husbands by keeping them company, being beautiful, performing their duties as housewives and mothers. Despite this horrific scenario, Jennifer finds the love of her life, a love that can wreak havoc while completely changing everything. Here we see a strong woman who starts her own battle for a worthwhile love. It's something beautiful and exciting, at times it touches deep in the soul.

The book is written, the layout is no shame. But the pace is a bit sluggish. As there are many comings and goings, this causes the reader to get lost a little, in addition to information that does not make sense and whoever reads it only realizes the connection between one story and another well after half the book has been read. And it is at this moment that we see the author building the connection points between past and present, joining the loose points and the reading becomes more interesting, flows more and the love that was only a "ghost" at the beginning and in the middle of the work, if makes more present. And through the pain, the losses, the discoveries, we see the process of maturation, of overcoming that both go through. The character Jennifer is a strong woman, who enchants and shows us that at that time there were also women capable of being independent. Although, Ellie is a bit insecure and confused, a little lost at first, she also finds her way to face her doubts and fears. In The Last Love Letter we see that the two made wrong choices, hurting people close to them, but they learned, grew, matured as human beings and as women.

"I was once told by a wise person that writing is dangerous because we cannot always guarantee that our words will be read in the spirit in which they were written."

The Last Love Letter it was the first book by Jojo Moyes to be published in Brazil, in 2012. Although How I was before you has become the author's best-known work in the country, the plot arrived four years earlier and is a favorite of many readers. In addition, it will have its adaptation produced by Netflix and will be starring Shailene Woodley and Felicity Jones. The premiere is scheduled for July 23, 2021.


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