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Now and forever, Lara Jean is a real outcome that focuses on the protagonist's maturation. With exciting situations, ups and downs and new discoveries, the plot ends with a flourish. It's a good read.

Review | Now and forever, Lara Jean

This is the most mature book in the trilogy. How Lara Jean has changed! She is no longer the frightened, insecure girl with few friends. Now she has true friendships, a family that loves and supports her. His courtship with Peter remains firm and strong, his relationship with the family is also wonderful. But as you would imagine, not everything is flowers and Lara Jean will have many twists in her life. Written by Jenny Han, the book is published by Intrinsic.

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In this last chapter, Lara Jean's father is about to remarry and his stepmother will be his longtime neighbor, Mrs. Rothschild. And this event is making LJ soaring. In addition, our protagonist is in the last year and will soon be in college and therefore, this is a very busy book, there is an excursion to New York, the ball, graduation, Week at the Beach and the most incredible moment of life : the trip to Korea with the sisters.

However, we also have a very difficult time and Lara Jean needs to reevaluate everything she thought she wanted. The plans she and Peter outlined will need to be revised and doubts will arise from there. One of the questions that the plot raises is how we handle a relationship with someone. Should we meet the partner's expectations or take a chance and do what we really want? And this is the moment that Lara Jean realizes that life is not a bed of roses.

Was it foolish to think that we could be an exception to the rule? (…) Suddenly, it seems that every decision we make is vital, and I am terrified of taking the wrong one.

The protagonist needs to make her own choices based on what she likes, wants and believes. And the way the protagonist shows herself to be stronger, wiser, more mature was an extremely well developed point by the author. Lara Jean is more determined and less afraid of taking risks and this makes her a real and captivating character. Even with her mistakes and weaknesses, she is a person who wants to learn more from her mistakes.

Although she is upset about a plan that could have worked, she realizes that it was not to be called her and like LJ, we need to learn to deal with these frustrations. In addition, she is going into adulthood and it is necessary to prepare, because everything will not always be easy.

During the course of the plot, we see the relationship of the Song sisters mature and strengthen and the entrance of Trina (stepmother) who is about to marry Dr. D. It is a moment of great learning for everyone. Another very interesting thing is the way LJ deals with it. She really surprised us by understanding her feelings about her father's marriage and her mother's memories.

Families shrink and expand. We can only be happy, satisfied for each other, for the time we have together.

In relation to Peter, Lara Jean has been a good companion. She encouraged the big boy to get closer to his father, leave his hurts behind and build a real relationship with him. In addition to trying to deal with disagreements with Peter who feels they are getting lost. And he seems to be unsure of the whole situation. And to tie with a flourish, LJ is looking for the perfect cookie recipe.

The writing of Jenny Han remains wonderful. While reading, I was able to remember my own insecurities, my feelings and I realized that like LJ, I also matured and this is a great insight from the author that makes the reader see herself as the protagonist. It is possible to understand her fears and desires.

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The author balances the legal and non-legal events that happen in the plot. The way they deal with and act with situations is very real, the way the protagonist really wants (very much) the rapprochement of the two, but at the same time she tries to understand her boyfriend's hesitations that only make it clear how their relationship was built.

Sometimes, I wish we had known each other at twenty-seven. Twenty-seven seems like a good age to meet the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with. At twenty-seven, you're still young, but hopefully you're on your way to being who you want to be.

The end is unknown. It is consistent with the reality of Lara Jean. She is an 18-year-old girl who has a life ahead of her, a future to walk and say that she will end in six months or live forever with PK, her first boyfriend, is to expect too much. Not everything happens as we want and we need to be aware of it. The plot is well developed and leaves the reader with a taste of wanting more. An epilogue was missing, perhaps, because deep down we know how it ended.


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