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Detailed and informative, Alexander Hamilton is a wonderful biography for those who want to know in depth the character that has been successful in recent years.

Review | Alexander Hamilton- Ron Chernow

In recent years the name Alexander Hamilton became famous again due to the success of the Broadway musical created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, which also won a film version available on the streaming platform Disney +. Now, the publisher Intrinsic launched Hamilton's complete biography, the first in decades, written by the American historian Ron Chernow.

Over more than 900 pages, Chernow painstakingly reconstructs the improbable trajectory of Alexander Hamilton, one of the great architects of the economic and financial system of the United States. Due to its detailed context, together with the informative but not boring narrative, this work is attractive both for scholars and for those curious to know more about the personality that dominated today's entertainment.

Illegitimate child of a poor couple, born on a Caribbean island, Alexander Hamilton he was abandoned by his father at the age of 10 and, at 12, he saw his mother die beside him, in the bed where he burned with fever. Adopted by an uncle, who would later commit suicide, he ran out of money and, with the exception of his older brother, without any living relatives nearby. Defying all probabilities and through his wit and commitment, in just a few years Hamilton emigrated to America, where he served as assistant to George Washington, having a fundamental role in the organization of the American Revolution Army. After independence, he was one of New York's most prominent lawyers and wrote much of The Federalist Papers, the series of articles that ratified the constitution of the fledgling American nation and ultimately defined its identity and political structure.

Hamilton is considered by many to be the most progressive of the founding fathers, since from the beginning he envisioned the United States as the capitalist superpower that he himself would help to build. But, strangely, he is also the lesser-known founding father and that is why this biography becomes very attractive, reviving an ambitious and remarkable character who needed a work dedicated to his unique trajectory.


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