Book Review: Here are the Dreamers - Imbolo Mbue



The American dream. Who has never heard that expression? How many families have not tried and how many will still try to improve their lives by moving to the United States. This is the theme of Here are the Dreamers, which tells the life of an African couple trying to get up in New York.

The author Imbolo Mbue transfers to the pages a little of her knowledge, being an immigrant herself, went from Limbe, in Cameroon, to New York, where she has lived for over a decade.

The plot focuses on Jende and Neni, born in Limbe and are trying their life in the USA. Due to several problems in Cameroon, where the girl's parents did not allow their marriage, Neni lost her first child and Jende was arrested for impregnating his girlfriend (yes, this is one of the laws there, the girl's father may ask for prison), the couple thinks that trying to live in another country may be the solution and for that Jende moves to New York, where he will build a life and then send money to bring his future wife and son to live with him .

This period lasts about 4 years, but finally he succeeds. Your life is not exactly comfortable, living in a small, one-bedroom apartment in a bad location. He at least manages to support himself and bring his family, immediately marrying Neni as soon as they arrive.

We are introduced to the routine and difficulties of the family, which tries to maintain, study and get a job to support themselves. Between misfortunes and joys, the story goes beyond showing the lives of immigrants, also focusing on the couple's unity and love, proving that with commitment and teamwork, one goes a long way.

The author also shows an interesting contrast between cultures, Cameroon may be a limited place, but there is more unity and love. To reinforce this argument, Mbue intimately presents the life of the wealthy couple for whom Jender works, who, even with all the comfort, is unable to have a fully happy life, always having a problem in the family relationship.

The Globe Books he chose the right time to publish this book, speaking openly about immigration, the subject has become current because of the controversies that are happening in the United States regarding Trump and his rules. It is very interesting to note the complications with legalization in 2009, where Obama was still going to assume the presidency and imagine what it would be like now, that it is even more difficult to become an American citizen legally.

Here are the Dreamers it is an incredible, deep and realistic work. Imbolo narrates a difficult life, but in such a positive way that it turns tragedies into examples of overcoming. It is a real lesson in life. Addressing several parallel issues, the author manages to use several arguments to prove that in reality all that matters is to be with the one you love.



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