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Review | The Desolations of the Devil's Corner - Ransom Riggs


Sixth and last volume of the saga O Miss Orphanage Peregrine for Peculiar Children, The Desolations of the Devil's Corner arrives in Brazil through the editors Intrinsic finally ending the adventures of Jacob and the peculiar ones.

*** Warning: contains spoilers from previous volumes ***

The Birds Convention, the previous volume of the saga, inserted important elements in the plot of peculiarities that totally changed the course of events. With the revelation of the prophecy of the seven and the threat of caul of destroying the world, a dangerous mission was entered, from which Jacob and Noor were the most brutally hit at the end of the predecessor book.

It is from that moment that The Desolations of the Devil's Corner begins. Serving as a direct continuation to the ending, the plot finds the two peculiar ones dealing with the confusing battle they have just faced. It's at this pace that the narrative builds, letting the action lead and frantically leading readers to follow each new twist of the protagonist's and his friends' latest mission.

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Throughout the saga, much of what was initially presented was lost as the story took a new direction and Ransom Riggs does a great job of rescuing those elements, which have already become nostalgic for fans, in this final volume. Investing very little in the character's intimacy, already so explored in previous books, the author uses only the necessary connections in relation to the MS. Peregrine and her companions, but it leaves more space for adventure and there are few descriptive moments left that tend to make reading a bit tiring, as happened in some moments in the past.

Historical content is maintained, making reference to various troubled periods in our history, which includes the Spanish Flu and some wars. However, the current period is again the main focus, even if the use of updated elements does not have a great prominence in the events. The great asset here is the immersion between one discovery and another as the pieces fit together to sew each element placed from the beginning of the plot.

Ransom Riggs closes its peculiar saga very well with a captivating adventure and a lot of nostalgia for the fans, who will certainly leave satisfied with the outcome of the beloved characters.



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