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From beginning to end, the work yields good moments of tension. The peak of curiosity is reached from page to page, because the author ties us up and the fact of not giving everything on a tray makes the reader surrender to his well thought out plot. So, if you are looking for a very busy plot, the walls were white is for you, who likes a good suspense.

Review | The walls were white

The walls were white it is a national book that makes us question why we do not consume so many national works. It is no secret that literature is little appreciated by a large part of the Brazilian public and this gets worse when the subject involves our own literature. If it is already difficult to be an entrepreneur in Brazil, imagine for a writer? It gets ugly and, therefore, we need to value the professionals we have on national soil. So, today's post values a writer that maybe you, my dear reader, don't know (yet).

Max Moreno is a Brazilian fiction writer and his books present plots that involve mystery, suspense and police literature in a kind of footprint Stranger Things with a mixture of Stephen King.

In The walls were white, we are introduced to a 13 year old boy, David, whose family nucleus is complex. Suddenly, something unexpected happens ... his father is murdered and in a short time, David also loses his mother in a mysterious way. To make the boy's situation worse, suspicions fall on him immediately. From that moment on, his destiny is marked by uncertainties.

“The problem is not what you think, but what you do. Thoughts don't hurt anyone. ” - Max Moreno

This book has a very interesting narrative, because it starts in one way and ends in another and we do not expect so many twists and turns. The plot is full of pranks and makes us run after our own 'tail'. In addition, the fact that the narrative's stunning construction is quite unpredictable makes the reader keep wanting to read until he finds out what is really going on in David's head. Is he really freaked out? You will have to read to find out.

In the course of the plot, David ceases to be a suspect and is accused of killing his own parents. However, he doesn't go to jail ... he ends up in a psychiatric hospital, so we can suggest a connection to the title and an intriguing character will make that connection for the reader.

Truth or imagination, we are not able to perceive, as we discover things together with the characters. Something very cool is that the theme is super different and at first, analyzing the cover we think that it is a drama that involves delicate themes like suicide, depression or something similar. On the contrary, we see the character in the middle of a very well thought out scheme that mixes Hollywood features, films that involve the American government and strange things start to happen ... the boy is in a kind of project that aims to reprogram human minds.

"Trials are free, seductive."

The positive point of the plot is that the author knows how to sell this crazy and conspiratorial idea and it is very interesting to see plots like that with this language, with Brazilian references, with scenarios that we can know and not just stay in the imagination. And all of this contributes so that the reader does not give up on the work, which by the way is very cool.

The work is very quiet to read, despite having so many twists and turns, secrets being unveiled, and each detail is well tied in a plot that does not leave many loose ends. In addition, all characters are relevant to the narrative. However, there are some errors in typing the text that need to be revised in a future edition. Another point of attention is about the narrator, he gets too involved in the plot and this can confuse the reader who may think that whoever speaks or observes is only the narrator and not the character itself signs of the use of the free indirect speech.

The walls were white can easily become a Netflix series, as it has this young appeal, this characteristic that we see in series that involves mysterious cases and many secrets all in a very balanced dosage between truth and madness. The author knew how to play with the details of the story and do something really interesting to read. That is why we need to value good national writers and their works.



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