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Review | The Shadows of Evil - Guilhermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan


Stories written by Guilherme Del Toro are for any fan of suspense and terror to stop. But the difficult thing is to stay put with the presented story. Even more so when the book is written in partnership with one of the writers who is placed as one of the best in suspense style today, by none other than Stephen King.

This partnership between Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, the book was born As Sombras do Mal: As fitas de Blackwood – Volume 1from the publisher Intrinsic. The book chronicles the unlikely encounter between FBI agent Odessa Hardwicke and the enigmatic Hugo Blackwoood. When witnessing a brutal and inexplicable crime and being forced to take the life of her co-worker, Odessa starts to question her sanity and her future. She cannot understand what really happened, but she has only one certainty: she saw a figure emerging from her friend's body, a terrifying and evil presence that will never be erased from her mind.

Forced to carry out bureaucratic services after the episode, she finds old tapes when organizing the belongings of a retired agent, and it is these tapes that will take her to Hugo Blackwood. Fascinating and treacherous, man can be the key to discover what happened to Odessa's partner and, even more, the chance to defend humanity from a faceless threat: the intangible.

Vile spirits that feed on emotions and take possession of their victims, these creatures are always ready to embrace the ecstasy of death and chaos. Blackwood managed to capture three of them, and now, alongside Odessa, sets out in search of the latter, on a dangerous journey that could lead them into the abyss.

O livro é uma mistura de mistério com suspense sobrenatural, com um personagem, Blackwood, que é quase um Holmes saído do século passado e caindo no nosso do nada. O personagem é fascinante, principalmente com suas “aulas” sobre o uso correto de palavras que atualmente usamos erroneamente.

The other characters in the plot, such as Odessa Hardwicke give charm to this engaging story, as they end up becoming the reader himself, especially in the parts that are the most absurd, asking questions that we would ask without the least remorse, after all, it is almost impossible to believe in the supernatural in a real world.

And this part becomes interesting, because The Shadows of Evil they do not treat the reader as someone who must accept everything written just because it is a book. He goes further with historical, scientific explanations (as far as he can) and makes you question all the time through Odessa whether what is happening is real or just a product of your imagination that has already gone crazy.

As Sombras do Mal: As fitas de Blackwood – Volume 1 it is a book worth noting only because it is by Guilherme Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, but because it addresses a theme that involves mystery and suspense in a fun way without being comical, but at the same time intoxicating and full of emotion.

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