Review | Barbareco - The boy who wanted to be a clown


Barbareco | Editora Ciranda Cultural / Claudia Marianno

Barbareco - The boy who wanted to be a clown, written by Mario Pecand, theater teacher and clown and illustrated by Claudia Marianno arrive by Ciranda Cultural Publisher.

With a very light and charming tone, Mário manages to convey in a light and fun way the Barbareco boy's desire to become a clown, but the dream is soon hindered by the boy's mother who wants him to become anything else, doctor, dentist or even president of the republic, but he is helped by the tooth fairy to achieve his dream.

With light jokes and full of puns that bring laughter in an easy way due to its simplicity, it is a reading that will provide smiles for children and adults, with several positive messages ranging from encouraging studies to deeper messages about being a clown. Barbareco's disruptive but sincere journey enchants and makes us want to read it again, aloud, to have all the history's sound.

Because the author is a clown, it makes us wonder if the story had as its main idea his own desire to become one while he was a child, but regardless of the initial motivation, the story works very well and entertains in a captivating way.

Barbareco | Editora Ciranda Cultural / Claudia Marianno

The illustrations that accompany the story complement the reading part with striking colors, but without losing the harmony between them, portraying not only the events in images, but brilliantly complementing what only words could not portray.

This book is part of a project by Editora Ciranda Cultural to encourage national literature, giving opportunity to new authors and illustrators, being the first work of both by the publisher.

The book is already available on the publisher's website.


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