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The plot is good, it fulfills its promise, but it could be a little more obscure.

Review | Batman - Dark Knight: The Last Crusade


Based on The Dark Knight Returns, of Frank MillerBatman - Dark Knight: The Last Crusade, is a closed story of how the Robin, Jason Todd, ended up in the hands of Joker. Besides Todd, HQ also counts on the participation of Cat Woman (Selina Kyle), from poison ivy It's from Crocodile.

Among the events of history are: the return of the Joker to Arkham Asylum (yes, for the umpteenth time), after being captured by the Batman and at Robin; several Gotham City riches being attracted by the poison ivy; The Joker fleeing, once again, from Arkham Asylum, in the way that only we know; the fist of Crocodile at the Batman; and finally, the apprentice syndrome, which I will explain, Robin.

Batman - A última cruzada (2)

Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello write a simple script, if you stop to analyze the skeleton as a whole. HQ is basically about middle age crisis of Bruce Wayne and the apprentice syndrome in Jason Todd. O Bruce it doesn't have as much agility and resistance as before, which I think is cool to see. Bring us closer to the heroes, make them more human. Even though Bruce doesn't have special powers (and let's face it: what he doesn't have, he has money). About the Jason, the boy has some frustration at having so much protection from Bruce, apprentice syndrome, just when the batman needs his partner most, besides a successor. That leaves Jason eager to show efficiency to the partner. These two elements, so common, work well within the story and take time to bring the predictability that, I confess, ends up happening in the final pages.

The drawings of John Romita Jr they are good, but it was inevitable to think that their work did not fully match the plot. The work he did in this HQ is close to ideal, he hits some points of the drawing with the tone of the story, but it seems that something is missing. I feel it would be better if he had brought the drawings closer to those he made in All Star Batman (only a little more obscure, of course). The colors of Peter Steigerwald they’re great, they’ve managed to fulfill what’s expected when it comes to drama.

Confesso que não gostei da arte do Crocodilo, poderia ter ficado mais caracterizado.
I confess that I did not like the art of the Crocodile, it could have been more characterized.

Nem do Bruce Wayne como sósia do Wolverine
Not even Bruce Wayne as a Wolverine lookalike.

Overall, the set works well, it manages to create the necessary atmosphere for history. It could be a little more obscure and profound, but it fulfills what the idea promises. A very classic story between teacher and apprentice. Worth it.


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