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Review | Gaiman Library – Volume 1


Neil Gaiman it's a name to be respected. The creator and screenwriter of works from the comic book universe and their adaptations for streaming, has an imagination without limits. His writing is beyond expectation and his stories are a real surprise.

It is no coincidence that the special edition of Intrinsic, Gaiman Library Volume 1, is a true work of art from one of the most creative minds in recent times. This deluxe edition comes with a hardcover golden details that are reminiscent of gold and a preface worthy of the stories in this edition.

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This first issue brings 5 stories by the author that were adapted by renowned artists such as Michael Zulli, who between 1990 and 1991 was responsible for the so-called Ninja Turtles Soul Trilogy. He created the number editions # 31 Soul's Winter, # 35 Soul's Withering and # 36 Soul's End.

The Gaiman Library Volume 1, is an unprecedented publication that Intrínseca created for the Brazilian public with the following stories by the author:

  • The forbidden brides of the disfigured demons of the secret mansion in the night of sinister desire
  • In Creatures of the Night
  • divine mysteries
  • The truth about Ms. finch
  • harlequin in love

These are different stories than some readers less accustomed to Gaiman's works are used to. Many know the author because of his work with Sandman, Coraline, American Gods, Marvel 1602, Eternals, among others. But he's much broader than just a few characters in the A.D and Marvel.

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Gaiman has already immersed himself in almost all media, as his first works were in the field of journalism when he wrote the biography of the musical group Duran Duran. Then wrote Don't Panic: The Official Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Companion (The Official Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). In addition to these books, the author also wrote many other books that ended up becoming series like Good Omens and the aforementioned American Gods.

But back to the luxury edition of Intrínseca, it is worth noting how special the publisher's material is. The editing work with the graphic design of Antonio Rhoden is spectacular. Each story is opened with a written statement, the paper is excellent, with a weight that does not make it transparent, that is, when the person can see everything that is on the other page, making it difficult to read.

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It is also worth highlighting all the letters, which are easy to understand, without the use of letter and background color resources, which often force you to try to decipher what is written there.

Gaiman Library Volume 1 is an edition that every Neil Gaiman fan should own, as well as anyone who would like to know where to start reading the author's stories. So it's there as an answer to new and old Gaiman fans.

A great read!



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