Review: Black Hammer- Secret Origins



Black Hammer: Secret Origins is the first volume to be released by the publisher Intrinsic in Brazil, bringing issues 1 to 6 that were released in the US by Dark Horse.

art is from dean ormston, best known for his major works on Sandman, Judge Dredd, Lucifer, The Books of Magic, among others. So you can already see that Black Hammer has an exceptional quality.

This comic has a more underground style and is a clear tribute to the heroes of Marvel and DC, with characters like Captain America, Shazam, Martian Manhunter etc. His narrative is denser, starting with a brief explanation of how long they have been living on the farm and how each one of them feels in this “prison”. It's a journey of self discovery, of mixed feelings and of accepting fate in a complacent way or not accepting it and being totally radical about it.

Anyway, there is no middle ground for them. In each chapter we are introduced to the past of the ancient heroes and what they live today. And within it all, having to hide who they are. Not because they are great heroes, but so they don't scare the townspeople. This is not clear in these first 6 editions because they simply don't let everyone there know who they are. It remains only that they must live as simple inhabitants of the farm who like to have a more isolated life.

In this isolation we have the issues that are debated within each one. Abe, who is the oldest and one of the oldest heroes who wants something more in his personal life, but at the same time wants that silence from the farm, to Barbalien that reminds us that it is not age that brings you the desires of youth , but freedom, passing through each character that is a true arc of reflection.

Black Hammer it may even seem more tiring for its darker style, but with a lot of dialogue. For the public that is used to the new versions of the comics, which fill an entire page with just one drawing, the edition becomes less attractive. His style features small paintings that must be carefully observed, as they bring details about farm or city life.

The narrative recalls other adventures such as era uma vez, where the characters cannot leave the city, for intimate thoughts like Peter Parker, the tiredness of old Logan from years of war or Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight. This all enhances the theme and the great tribute to the universe of heroes, as more human beings and less gods.

This first volume brings together the first six original issues and also has an afterword by the author, profiles of character construction and original sketches.

Black Hammer: Secret Origins it is to have in your collection to read and reread at any time, because like other stories written by Jeff and drawn by Dean Ormston, they will never get old.


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