Ash's journey that began in Blade Runner 2019: Los Angeles. After all the confrontations that Blade Runner had in the first volume and the saga in Off World, she is back home, or rather, on Earth.

With a screenplay of the three volumes of Michael Green, nominated for an Oscar for Logan, Blade Runner 2049 and Murder on the Orient Express, this is certainly one of the best works ever made in honor of the universe created by Philip K. Dick. It is worth mentioning that the stories of Blade Runner 2019 take place after the events of the original film and Blade Runner 2049, in addition to having information on the prequel to the second film, Blade Runner Black Out 2022.

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The third volume begins practically right after the events of the second, with Ash already on Earth and looking for the whereabouts of Alexander Selwyn. During the former Blade Runner's new journey, readers are taken to locations known to fans, such as the famous mega building of Tyrell Corporation, now completely destroyed after the Black Out occurred in 2022. Ash will also meet other replicants that will further help her to understand this world in which she lives.

It's interesting to see all the character's growth, even more so in this volume where we have a little more of the character's childhood, and we see how cold she has become over the years. From a Blade Runner who hunted “Androids” without any remorse, now she fights a duel inside herself against people who use and abuse their power in wanting to control life and death of all.

Blade Runner 2019: Homecoming, it may look less dense than the other two, but it's the opposite. After presenting and situating Blade Runner fans and new readers, the Graphic Novel only narrates what is necessary to survive on Earth, where friends are unique and can also end up becoming a bargaining chip, for the right value, where replicants end up being a reflection of humanity in wanting to be more than just a shell.

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It is not at all difficult to see one of these replicants and not empathize with what they are going through. It is a simple comparison with the way of life in any period after the industrial revolution of our society. People are just pieces to be adjusted at the whim of an industry that doesn't care about them, just to behave according to their wishes. They are like children playing at being adults on a board ruled by Gods.

Blade Runner 2019 overall is a Graphic Novel to be read in one go, analyzed and admired as a true work of social critical art. The third volume beautifully closes Ash's entire journey, from a cold Blade Runner to a woman who sees the struggle of others and how true 'dolls' are in the hands of industrialists, husbands and society.


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