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This is only the first volume of the series, but it already deserves 5 stars for the complete adventure it provides the reader and for the taste of "I want more" that remains.

Review | Captain Marvel - Taller, Farther, Faster and More

Captain Marvel - Taller, Farther, Faster and Moreoriginally published in 2014 in the United States, count how an interception, on a missionThe Captain Marvel and of iron Patriot, starts on a journey full of discoveries and “diplomacy”. This is the starting point of this first adventure, of a compilation of six, which explores the consolidation of Carol Danvers as the intergalactic ambassador of the Avengers.  

As a great test of patience for Captain Marvel, the story tells of her journey of discovery, post-Infinity events, with her leading a team with unknown characters on a mission to retrieve an artifact at the request of the Intergalactic Alliance. What she does not know is that a people without a home and sick lives depend on the result of this investigation to survive and on their help in facing an emperor beyond being self-centered. 

Still de Capitã Marvel – Mais Alto, Mais Longe, Mais Rápido e Mais (2014)
Captain Marvel Still - Taller, Farther, Faster and More (2014)

HQ has a great rhythm for those who want to read something light and fun. With action all the time, the story captures the reader by the script followed, the person in charge is Kelly Sue DeConnick, which shows a human side of Carol, showing that she needs time to understand what happens inside her after events as strong as those in the Infinite Saga (hello MCU!).   

The relationships established with the characters that are part of her life on Earth show a little of who Carol is Danvers, the woman who sometimes just wants a little rest from the life she leads after acquiring her powers and the responsibility she carries. But while she wants a break from it all, it is exactly the experience that her powers provide that will help her find herself. So when Tony Stark suggests that she should go to space to show that the Avengers are present there, she accepts and turns this mission into a necessary adventure. 

Capa Variante de Capitã Marvel – Mais Alto, Mais Longe, Mais Rápido e Mais (2014)
Captain Marvel Variant Cape - Taller, Farther, Faster and More (2014)

The art of David López it is perfect and passes the Captain's emotions with simplicity. The strokes used in the action scenes provide a complete experience and impress by the amount of details. Another important thing about this HQ is the variant covers that are magnificent and with absurd details. The desire is to transform them all into paintings and hang them all over the house!


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