Book Review: City of Mirrors - Justin Cronin

"Come to me"



The City of Mirrors enough to finish the trilogy “The passing", in Justin Cronin.

The saga, started in the eponymous volume, mixes fiction, horror, adventure and a pinch of romance. Exploring the post-apocalyptic effects of releasing a dangerous virus, the three volumes are focused on Amy and his surviving friends.

*** Warning: May contain spoilers from the previous volumes below ***

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The City of Mirrors ended up being the best book in the trilogy. About 22 years after the final events of The Twelve, the plot really shows the construction of a new civilization, where for two decades the survivors of the terrible battle tried to adapt to the new reality, living a common path.

However, this peace will not last long, Fanning, of whom we discovered the existence at the end of the second book, still intends to take revenge on the group and after this long hiatus of preparation, finally decides to attack. Zero, as he is known, ends up carrying all the action of this work on his back, since while preparing the attack it is the one who leaves a tension in the air and then who is in charge of the well-known battles of Cronin.

Obviously, the non-linear narrative is again present, traveling through Fanning's past and gradually revealing the fate of the rest of the group. However, in The City of Mirrors it reveals itself more deeply, exploring more deeply the emotional side of the characters and, being a final volume, finally immersing itself in romantic resolutions.

The ambiguity is also more evident in this work, we can notice some philosophical traces in the midst of the chaos in the predecessor volumes, but in this it is very clear the intention of the author to put a double meaning to emotionally analyze the characters, for example, during the reading we discover that the title, “City of Mirrors”Refers both to the only solution found to delay virals (remember when they discovered that the reflexes left the creatures bewildered?) As well as a reference to“ the reflection of who we are ”, shown by the evolution and self-analysis of the characters over the years .

The City of Mirrors is a more emotional book, Cronin created an incredible relationship between his characters throughout the saga and it is inevitable to create a fondness for them, so the conclusion of this whole adventure ends up being quite emotional.

The author concludes the trilogy satisfactorily, but the big surprise is due to the epilogue. This part highlights Justin's genius and leaves the reader really impressed with his ability to surprise us.



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