There is something in the past that has been outstanding for a thousand years and is wanting to return. And it's not pleasant.”

Cordeluna is a youthful novel focused on love cursed for a thousand years. The plot mixes two stories, the love cursed in the past and the incarnations of lovers in current times. The interesting thing is that the two versions are told together, with the events being presented interspersed by chapters between the past and the present.

In the Middle Ages, we know Sancho, a dedicated young man, gentleman of El Cid. Sancho falls in love with Guiomar, a young Countess and stepdaughter of Brianda, who cultivated a certain interest in Sancho. When Brianda discovers the romantic relationship between Guiomar and Sancho, the couple ends up suffering from their anger.

At the same time, at the present time, we are introduced to a theater group that is playing a play about the life of El Cid. The young actors go on a more intensive type of training, where they stay for a few days in a monastery. In this group, among other characters that are important in the plot but I will not mention here, are Glory and Sergio, who begin to feel a loving connection quickly. However, Sergio had a 'moment' with Barbarian, one of the group's monitors, before going to the monastery and now she has a great interest in the boy.

Can you see how the two seasons fit together? Even the initials of the characters of the middle ages are the same as those of the present. And do not stop there, as we develop in reading we see more similarities between the two stories. I thought the choice of writing was very good, we get to know everything that happened in the past while we see the similarities in the present. This narrative pleased me very much.

In addition to the great narrative, Cordeluna hit the curse. Nothing there is too exaggerating and not even mystified. Almost all the magic dose goes to the sword, Cordeluna, which is set with Moon Stones, giving it a blue glow that exerts a great influence on who uses it. Cordeluna is given to Sancho right at the beginning of the book.

Even hitting these points, Cordeluna failed to arrest me completely. It has no apparent defects in the story, but because it is a youth novel, it ended up falling into the routine at times, causing the rhythm to drop a little.

The magic of the book is not only in the sword, it is also in the details. Even if the premise pleases you, the small details that bring the two seasons together will please you. Cordeluna It may not be the best book you will read this year, but it is more than recommended.


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