No there is something worse than loneliness, or maybe it exists and that’s exactly what She (Her) wanted to show. She it takes place in a contemporary world where machines dominate everything and everyone and personal relationships become more digital than physical.

The personagecentral m Theodore Twombly ( Joaquin Phoenix) is a very lonely man who is divorcing his wifeHer Catherine (Rooney Mafrog), he is also unhappy at work where, failing to be a book writer, he works as a letter writer. Besides all your life is basically going to workhome and vice versa, video games being your greatest fun and having very little time with your best friend and confidant Amy (Amy Adams).

She | Image: Disclosure

But one day returning home he gets the OS1 (an operating system with artificial intelligence that has the capacity to have its own thoughts), the voice of the system  Samantha, interpreted by the beautiful Scarlett Johansson is passionate and right away Theo creates a bond with the She and begins to live a relationship that goes beyond friendship.

MV5BMTA0MDgwMTU4MjheQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDE5MDYzNzAx._V1_SX640_SY720_Throughout the film we observed that it is not only Theo who is connected with She, we realized that the whole worldoderno leaves aside personal relationships to dedicate himself to op systemserational, as they have no problems and are only there to help. But Theo begins to fall in love a lot with Samantha where he manages to conclude his divorce but dispensing a blind date (Olivia Wilde wonderful as always).

But what is Theo's surprise when he finds out that the operating system is not just in love for him, but for all the people she communicates with every day, Theo despairs and realizes that not everything is what it seems to be. 

Her-Joaquin-Phoenix1Particularly I liked the longa because message about the world becoming something more impersonal and distancing ourselves from people made this generate a reflection on how much we are “connected” and if it is worth opening hand of the things we did before (like going out to chat with friends) to spend the day on a computer screen. The cast is really quite small, making it clear how much loneliness Theo and everyone else has become bigger.

She is written and directed by Spike Jonze , I usually like your features a lot as I want to be John Malkovichand Where the monsters live  where the message always generates a reflection on our life. It is worth checking She to reflect and realize how much your phone is becoming more your best friend than the person next to you.

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