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Review: Heaven Is for Real

Religious affairs are increasingly in fashion these days, and consequently more controversial. This is the case of Heaven Is for Real, long based on real facts reported in the eponymous book written by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent, which tells the story of Colton, a 4 year old boy who, after a near death experience, begins to tell about his trip to Heaven.

Unlike recent biblical films, Heaven Is for Real it doesn’t leave you so much room to doubt the events, it seems to have been thought millimetrically to lead the viewer to believe the story, and the credit for that goes mainly to the performances. After all, it is not easy to doubt the convinced and innocent accounts of a beautiful boy, only 4 years old. Join the interpretation of the small Connor Corum with the perfect choice of Greg Kinnear to live Todd Burpo, his reverend father, and that's it, the belief is already guaranteed.

O céu é de verdade
Connor Corum in Heaven is for Real. Image: Disclosure

In the plot, Todd and Sonja (Kelly Reilly) have a model family, both are very Catholic and raise their children to follow the same path. Todd is a reverend for the small church in the neighborhood, and a really good man, constantly doing extra work without accepting any bonuses. The family starts to face some health problems with Todd, but the critical point for them is when Colton has a serious complication in the appendix and is taken to surgery where they believe he will not survive. After this complicated surgery, the boy is fine, but starts talking about his visit to heaven, when he saw Jesus and describes what it is like there.

Then the viewer is left with the complicated decision to believe in Colton or one of the many explanations found by acquaintances to deny the child's claims. Even though it doesn't give much room for doubt, the script points out interesting counter-arguments.

It seems that the feature is aimed only at Catholics, and has this inclination, however, regardless of their religion, it opens up this huge controversy that actually makes you wonder whether or not you believe in Colton's experience.

Crítica: O Céu É de Verdade 1
Heaven is for real
Image: Disclosure.

Regardless of its content and whether or not the viewer believes in what was presented, it is a really interesting work, so much so that the book was for a long time a bestseller in the New York Times.

For you to want to know more, I leave the information of the book and an article on Colton Burpo.



O Céu é de Verdade Livro Title: Heaven is for real
Original title: Heavens is for real
Authors: Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent
Translator: Maria Lucia Godde
Publishing company: Thomas Nelson Brasil
Genre: Christian romance
Pages: 200


Heaven is for real tells the real story of Colton, a boy who, at the age of four, when undergoing emergency surgery, had an unusual experience: his spirit was transported to heaven, where he saw extraordinary things, including his own throne God. The boy also attended medical procedures and saw his father praying in the waiting room. At first, the family acted with disbelief at the report, but soon the evidence that the boy spoke the truth became clear - Colton met his sister who had been aborted, a secret kept under lock and key by the family.

Narrated by his father, but often in Colton's own words, the experiences reported in Heaven is for real reveal the reality and hope of Paradise and the Creator.

See the technical sheet and complete cast of O Céu é de Verdade

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Thunder Wave note
Regardless of the religious content, the film opens an interesting controversy, which is worth discussing.

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  1. Nature hates the vacuum, humans hate the truth. Among them - of truths - that which man only matures in the struggle of private initiative, makes the majority unconsciously cling to the paternalistic side of life, especially the political ...

  2. More q selfish people even that was just a movie talking about the experience of your son Colton.Now c someone thinks this forced !!!!
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