Marking the return of director Rupert Wyatt (Planet of the Apes), Captive State presents a world dominated by aliens and a plot that addresses both sides of the population – those who have chosen to cooperate and those who try to resist.

Beginning with the powerful attack of the invading beings, the film, in few scenes, explains how a complete domination was possible. After an enormous display of strength, the only remaining option was to cooperate and allow the world to be ruled by these beings. Is impossible not to notice that all this is just a representation of the territorial invasions that countries have suffered constantly over time.

Precisely because of this realistic theory, The Rebellion delivers a script full of criticism, where those who resolve to fight to regain their rights become terrorists and are persecuted by the government itself. It is evident the reference to submissions that a population suffers when they are colonized by a different culture.

Who presents the rebellious side to the viewer is Gabriel (Ashton Sanders), who thinks of following in the footsteps of his older brother, who was a myth between the rebellion. On the pacifist side we have Willian Mulligan (John Goodman) a detective whose mission is to destroy all who fight against repression.

With a well-tied script that covers all the holes that it leaves throughout the plot, Captive State is a work that passes an interesting message, but it’s nothing more than a ivestigated film. The invaders are just an addendum, elements that try to differentiate a previously known premise, but in practice do not even make the slightest difference.

Perhaps for the theme chosen, the feature suffers with predictable paths and outcomes, which end up damaging the excitement of the viewer. The storyline works, the twists and turns are well sustained, but for obvious reasons throughout the events, are easily predicted.

Captive State is a film that shows interesting, but suffers from the limitation of the theme. Trying to innovate by mixing an enormous social critique with elements of science fiction, it is a work that captures interest and gives an important message, but leaves the impression that it could go further.


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