Chronicles of Oldar- Durilin: Son of the Dragon is the first volume of the fantasy saga written by Rondinelli Fortalesa.

The work begins when Herlana and Gurtum they discover a supposed dragon egg, something very rare, since dragons do not breed. In Oldar, there was a war entitled War of Betrayal, which ended in peace between the people and the Dragons, but some events during that war leave the question of whether, in the future, dragons will be a threat. Therefore, a council meets to decide what will be done with the egg.

Herlana, who has telepathic gifts, cannot find out what is inside the egg. Adal, the Great Lord of Oldar is also unable to inform the contents of the egg, he only says that he carries a great ally or a great enemy. Finally, the council finds it more prudent to destroy the egg. However, when Gurtum uses his powerful ax on the object, it collides, revealing a big surprise.

The work is really quite fanciful, following the “RPG” style, with mythical characters and special skills. Perhaps it resembles an RPG too much, because the battles are very similar to the narrative of a table game, together with the large number of characters, can leave the reader lost in some moments. I felt that the characters lacked a little bit of depth, they ended up getting a little superficial during most of the book.

Apart from that, Rondinelli's writing is great, it's a complicated topic and he did well, especially with the large amount of mythology, showing knowledge and creativity. There are some grammar mistakes in the book, which will irritate many the most intolerant (like me), a new revision would be welcome.

The edition is nothing short of beautiful. The cover is beautiful and flashy, with this big dragon highlighted and a beautiful yellowish landscape in the background. The choice of yellowed leaves always pleases me a lot, as it tires the eyes less when reading. To close with a flourish, we have attachments with information about the characters and details in the openings of each chapter. 

Chronicles of Oldar  it has a good central plot, a well-worked world and an amount of mythology that promises to please fantasy fans, but it has elements that could be improved.


  1. I didn't know the work, but the cover was too much!
    I love to read first impressions about some books, after all they are the ones that are right? And they always help me decide whether or not to read. Well, if it were just for the cover, I would buy the book without even reading what it is about, but you mentioned aspects that left me with both feet behind. The characters take for granted is something that terrifies me a lot, I like to understand the character, you know? psychologist style, because reading will flow faster and I can see changes, along with progressions in his aspect. Unfortunately, it will not be a reading that I would do at the moment or even that close… Bjs

  2. Hmm I liked the proposal of the book, my stepson loves books like that and I usually read before to show him. But the question of superficial characters made me a little worried. Even so, I would risk reading.

  3. I loved the proposal of the book, I love this theme. But before reading I will wait for the full review. The cover looks wonderful!

  4. Hello!
    What a beautiful cover !!! I'm delighted!
    I didn't know the book, but I was very curious. It's the kind of book I love. I think reading has everything to please me.
    I liked the review and the points you highlighted.

    Literalizing Dreams

  5. I was very interested in the book. I think that by remembering a little RPG, I will like it a lot, because I play today. In addition, I love to see authors exploring fantasy universes. I'll give the book a chance as soon as I can!

  6. Hello all well?
    I found the premise of the book interesting, but at the moment I'm not in the mood to read about fantasy.
    Reading seems to be very interesting for fans of the genre and without a doubt is a great reading tip.
    The fact that the story has a lot of characters can really be a little confusing, but if the book is very good it is easily overlooked….

    Kisses: *

  7. Hello, how are you!?
    The cover of the book is very beautiful, but when I see that the work is VERY fanciful, it has already left me a little behind. I'm not a fan of fantasy and for your review, I know I won't like the book T_T What a pity ... It's a lot of mythology for me!


    LuMartinho |Face

  8. I really want to read the book, I was going to participate in BT but I didn't have time, what a pity. 🙁
    I love plots with fantasy and mythological beings like that.
    It is worth knowing the lack of depth of the characters.

  9. So the book already attracted me because it was fantasy and I liked having something like a rpg, but your note left me a little in doubt about reading, you know, because I am the first to understand this about not having everything explained, but the question remains, right? will not improve.

  10. I want to read the book already because it is fantasy and have this RPG thing that I love. But, it is a pity this superficiality of the characters, I do not know if it’s just that I felt a little confused with the note, if I was disappointed: c

    Kisses, Ahri.

  11. I really liked the premise of the book, after all it talks about dragons and I love it!

    And with this fantasy footprint involving RPG, it made my attention even more so.

    I had heard about that book before, but I didn't know it was so interesting.


  12. Hello all well?
    I confess that I always run away from series and that fantasy is not a genre I usually read often, you know? So I was not so excited about this book, not to mention that due to its review the book is not that good.

    Kisses: *
    Larissa -

  13. Hello!

    What a beautiful cover, but I confess that books like this don't attract me that much 🙁 I think I'm used to reading so many things that it takes me a while to get into reading like this, but the tip is noted. I hope to read it further. Congratulations on the review!


  14. Hello.
    Books like this catch my attention a lot and this was no different.
    I think I will enjoy reading it and this cover is too beautiful. I fell in love!
    kisses kisses

  15. Hi!
    I didn't know the book, but I liked the fantasy proposal that always catches my attention and is always a pleasant read. The cover is really beautiful and as soon as my reading pile decreases I want to know the book! 🙂


    Rafa [blog - Fascinated by Stories]

  16. Hi Taranis, I thought the cover of the book was beautiful, but that's it.
    I think books that don't describe the characters much, don't delve into them
    for me at least they don't flow. I wouldn't read.


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