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Da Criação ao Roteiro is undoubtedly one of the greatest milestones in national script literature, being an easy-to-read book entirely aimed at all those who love the seventh art, not just professionals in the field.

Review | From Creation to Script - Doc Comparato

From Creation to Script originally written in 1984 by Comparative Doc, even today it is an essential work for all those who love the seventh art. The work shows from theory to practice, presenting in detail the art and technique for creating screenplays for TV, theater and cinema.

This work was written in the last century and after 37 years, From Creation to Script it is still “the” reference of the genre in the universe of writing. And don't think it's just for Brazil, but for all of Europe and Latin America.

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The edition that is currently on sale is the magazine, updated and expanded, launched by Summary Editorial, who came to celebrate 40 years of the author's profession. If before it was already an excellence, now the book reaches a level much higher, covering webseries, games and even artificial intelligence.

Each chapter begins with a reflection on the subject that will be addressed, with exercises, examples, in addition to worksheets and bibliographies that complement this book, which is a true scriptwriter's bible. For those who are new to the screenplay area, the book also has examples of software used in the area and how they work, such as Celtx, Final Draft, among others.

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Among so many positive points, the writing of Doc Comparato is undoubtedly the best. A book in this “heavy” format with so much information is sure to frighten future readers. But From Creation to Script it's an easy and open read for everyone, as the field of art should be.

The work also explains formatting for international scripts, competitions, competitions and festivals, something very important for new scriptwriters, how to use online media such as email, social networks and websites, among so many other ways of working, than just sitting and opening the book to be able to understand.

From Creation to Script is a work of paramount importance for all those who seek the area of screenplay. And if you still have any doubts, know that this work by Doc Comparato is adopted by the Royal Official Radio and Television Institute of Spain, by the University of the Southern Cone, of Portutal and of Italy. The author is also responsible for several novels and films such as The Punisher, Time and Wind, The Bumbler on Noah's Ark, among others.

Therefore, From Creation to Script it is without a doubt one of the greatest landmarks in national script literature, being an easy-to-read book and totally aimed at all those who love the seventh art, not just professionals in the field.


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