The 70s were a memorable period for rock n' roll lovers. After the Beatles revolutionized rock in the 60s, the following decade became the stage for the emergence of big names in the genre both abroad and in Brazil. Driven by bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Ramones, Aerosmith, The Clash, among others, more elaborate and innovative sounds and lyrics began to gain space alongside progressive rock, heavy metal and punk. Inspired by this electrifying, sensual and daring musical universe, the author Taylor Jenkins Reid wrote “Daisy Jones & The Six: A Story of Love and Music.”

The book tells the story of a girl from Los Angeles who dreamed of being a rock star and a band that also wanted its place in the sun. And everything that happened ― the sex, the drugs, the conflicts and the dramas ― when a producer bet that together they could become music legends. The characters are deep and some are less captivating than others, but it's still a book that deserves its place on your shelf. Remembering, it is a *fictional* band, but with such intense energy that we have the feeling that its existence was real.

At first, when the book begins, Daisy is a 14-year-old girl who doesn't have much importance in her parents' lives and who begins to frequent the busy world of rock. Going out at night with groupies, experimenting with drinks and drugs, as well as sex. Unfortunately, this is a phase that ended up shaping the Daisy we know in adult life and the way she experienced sexual relations was not the best. She was abused and only realized it years later. She is described as a young redhead, blue eyes, thin, beautiful as if she were on a magazine cover, as well as impressing everyone with her bold looks. His greatest talent is his voice, a natural gift that attracts a lot of attention.

And in this same context, we learn about the humble lives of two brothers, who, with their guitars, want to be the biggest rock band in the world. At first they were known as “Dunne Brothers”, and later they would be “The Six”, a band made up of 6 young talents who need to work hard to achieve their desired goal. We are introduced to Billy Dunne, the band's then lead singer, a boy who knows very well where he wants to go. Ambitious by birth, the boy goes to great lengths to take his music to all four corners, and when he bumps into Rod Reyes (future manager), Billy starts to yearn for his goals even more.

The format adopted by the writer is different from what we see in other books. The structure follows the “ping-pong interview” format, as someone’s answers to questions asked by an interviewer are reproduced, and in the book, all we need to do is read the questions asked by the “author” of the biography. But for laymen, the format of this book could be described as “reading” a documentary. It's an interesting experience and different from running text, reading is more dynamic and faster. Through this structure, we can imagine the emotions they felt at the time of their speeches.

I'm not going to lie, I started reading it because of her, Daisy Jones. I wanted to know what she did that was so extraordinary for her name to come before the band's name in the title. And right from the beginning she has a problem with men, in fact men have a problem with women and she decides that she is going to do what she wants without caring what others think. She is free, she is bold and wants to show what she came for and she is tired of seeing men appropriating her ideas and being successful with it, while Daisy remained unknown, she talked to me a lot. This speaks to us women. After all, a woman, regardless of ethnicity, needs to work ten times harder than a man.

“When you're in a situation like this, being threatened by a man, it's as if everything you did to get to that moment — when you find yourself alone with a guy you don't trust — flashes before your eyes. Something tells me that's not what happens to men. When they're threatening a woman, I doubt they'll look back at what they did to become an asshole. But they should look back and realize what happened.” – DAISY JONES.

However, when she teams up with The Six, she shows who she really is. Just another rich girl who doesn't stop taking drugs and does what she wants and when she wants without caring about other people. The speech she had at the beginning no longer matched. She wanted to be adored, to be successful overnight and real life, as you and I know it very well, is not like that. So, it frustrated me a little to know that she didn't have anything to do with it. She was just another who thought she was the last star in the sky, but she was nothing more than a selfish woman.

The band was formed by Billy, Graham – Billy's younger brother –, Peter, Eddie, Warren and Karen. Everything was always decided by Billy and we realized that in the beginning, Graham didn't mind, but the others felt that everything was only valid if it had Graham's brother's approval. Their start was very difficult, but they began to be successful and unfortunately, going from one side to the other doing shows with drink, drugs and sex at will, Billy became addicted and this cost him the birth of his first daughter and the trust of his wife, Camila.

Just like Daisy, Billy is also an annoying character. He thought he was a genius, the new “Bob Dylan”, but the truth was that he was broke, did he have talent? Without a shadow of a doubt, but he was a difficult guy. The opposition between him and Daisy is clear, he only knew how to write songs about the marriage that was the result of a love at the end of adolescence and imposed his own will on everyone else, until Daisy arrived and challenged that. Although they fought so much, it was predictable that they would fall in love. Despite the weather getting bad, they didn't know how to conduct it and the band broke up. Part of the way they behave like “the Incredibles” is the fact that the people who worked with them like Teddy and Rod don't give a shit about the other members.

Men seem to think they deserve a reward when they treat women like human beings. –Karen.

Graham and Karen have one of the cutest relationships in the book and I rooted for them to end up together. But he wanted a family with children and so on, and she wanted the world and this speaks a lot to us, women, who have to think about our careers, but we cannot forget that our body has a limited time for motherhood and as if already If it weren't for an internal conflict that is super difficult to deal with, the world imposes what we should be, how to be, what to wear, that we should be mothers, that it is wrong not to be a housewife and infinite possibilities of surrounding our freedom. And it is Karen, one of the most aware, that I understand her decisions.

Camila isn't a bad character either, I see in her incredible strength and a lot of resilience to endure and face life alongside a rock star. We see that all the time she tries to find a way to not be the hurt person in the story, but it's not always possible, since we have no control over other people's attitudes or even our own. Simone, another cool character in the plot, Daisy's friend, knows what it's like to work hard to achieve your goals, she is one of Daisy's foils. The other characters are cool, each with their conflicts and well-crafted layers. 

“And no matter where we are, or what time it is, the world is in the dark and we are two blinking lights. In the same tune. Neither of them blinking alone.” – simone.

Overall, it's a cool read and it was an incredible experience to go behind the scenes of the formation, the “golden era” and their sudden breakup. It is noticeable that each member had a different opinion about what led to the end of the band. But the most wonderful thing was that the author created all of this, in addition to transforming a person present in the story into a biographer of the band. Unfortunately, only the characters Billy and Daysi, who could be a little cooler, are perfect. It even has the lyrics to the songs from the band's album.

Remembering, the Prime Video series, Daisy Jones & The Six, based on the famous book of the same name by writer Taylor Jenkins Reid, already has a confirmed date for streaming: March 3rd. The production is highly anticipated by fans of the book released in 2019, and will tell the story of the fictional band that was successful in the 1970s.

With ten episodes in total, being released weekly until March 24th, the series will feature Riley Keough as vocalist Daisy and Sam Claflin bringing Billy Dunne to life. In addition to them, Suki Waterhouse, Camila Morrone, Will Harrison, Sebastian Chacon, Timothy Olyphant and Josh Whitehouse complete the team. The production was Reese Witherspoon and with the author of the book herself, who was happy with the final result.

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resenha-daisy-jones-the-sixIt's a great read and because it has the world of rock n' roll as its backdrop, the book contains some sensitive themes that may trigger some readers, so proceed with caution. Some issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, rape of minors, use of violence against women, abortion and other issues are portrayed in the narrative. Its ping-pong interview structure is what sets the book apart.


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