Review | Descender Volume 1: Tin stars


Descender: Tin stars, is the first volume of the new series of Jeff Lemire, creator of Black Hammer and illustrated by Dustin Nguyen.

Lemire's new plot is very simplistic, different from the one used in Black Hammer, but with a much more engaging and critical story. The story takes place in a universe where giant robots have destroyed entire planets and civilizations. With this, policies of persecution and extermination of machines have been established throughout the galaxy.

Resenha | Descender Volume 1: Estrelas de lata 1
Descender Volume 1 | Image: Disclosure

In the midst of this relentless hunt, we met Tim-21, a young human-looking robot that may contain traces of past killers in his code - making him the most sought after in the universe. Together with his friends Bandit and Perforator, he ventures through planets and galaxies, facing unimaginable dangers with a single objective: to survive.

In this universe, technophobia is what governs most of the actions of the 9 planets. Each disagreement, even if it happened well before this attack by the mysterious giant robots, serves as an excuse for any resentment between these societies to surface.

Resenha | Descender Volume 1: Estrelas de lata 2
Descender Volume 1 | Image: Disclosure

The narrative proposed by Jeff Lemire is fluent and timeless. You can get many facts from the history of mankind where the nation's ills were used as an excuse, being thrown at a people. It is just a reminder of the Second World War, where the Jews were to blame for everything and a slaughter started against them. We can use this same example today, with foreigners who arrive in a country and become the same scapegoats for being blamed for the lack of employment of the local population. The criticism is wide and can be followed with infinite examples that the author uses in this graphic.

The most disturbing fact about all of this is that we realize that stories of this style are still needed to see the obvious. Fiction has always been a way of asking questions and showing us which paths we can and cannot take.

Inside Descender, we have exactly this and, as always, much more. Jeff Lemire delivers a great, almost cinematic script for his story. Unfortunately, the art of Dustin Nguyen at certain points it is uncertain and even hinders, especially in the setting of his paintings. There are times when you can't tell if the narrative goes down or sideways.

Resenha | Descender Volume 1: Estrelas de lata 3
Descender Volume 1 | Image: Disclosure

Art is to be desired in some points, with great scenes and in others that hinder the narrative. The balloons also gain a negative point, mainly in the variation of colors, with the use of magenta with yellow, the size and the letters that change constantly. Another negative aspect is not understanding what is happening with what is described in text. The reader is stopped looking for a described ship, when in reality it is not even known if it is really there, only to discover that the work was just to draw a single object.

Even with these negative points, the design of the characters is very well done, as well as the use of colors. The problem remains with the details of the scenes and the secondary characters of the plot.

The edition we received from Intrinsic, has a good finish, with a grammage paper that makes reading easy, but with problems in the use of balloon colors, where the use of magenta with yellow, with a small text, will certainly hinder the reading in places one dimly lit or on public transport. Another negative aspect is the use of the font (letter), for the dialogue of some robots, which are in the style of the Blade Runner logo, which also make reading difficult, as they are cut letters, where numbers like 3 and 5, end up getting similar.

Anyway, Descender: Tin Stars it is an excellent story and must be acquired by all those fans of fiction, robots and the author, mainly for having a simple script that can be read by any type of reader.


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