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It was already high time that the New concept publish the continuation of Fragmented. And she made the author's fans happy Neal Shusterman with the coming of Disintegrated, which shows what happened after the explosion at the Happy Jack harvest field. If you don't remember much about the story and want to know even more what happens in this second volume, get ready, because the thing is hot!

I am a reader who can say that he fell in love with writing and with the story that the author created. In Fragmented there is a war called Heartland, where it is stated that all young people from the age of thirteen to eighteen can be sent to fragmentation, that is, their whole body can be divided and donated to other people, starting to live in a divided state, and the people who receive it the organs will have the feeling of the one who donated.

In the first book we have the characters Connor, Lev and Risa Ward, which are the main ones. The sequel continues showing the same characters, with Connor and Lev now famous and fugitives and Risa was seriously injured after what happened at the harvest. Lev was arrested for becoming a scout who did not hit, or rather, a fragmentary who was going to explode, but in the end decided not to do so and had to spend a long time recovering and Connor went back to the Cemetery to take care of the other Integers who are hiding in airplanes in the Arizona desert.

“It is hard to imagine that so much notoriety arose from the mere fact that they survived the explosion at the Happy Jack Harvest Field. Simply because Connor was lucky enough to be the first fragmentary to leave the Junkyard in one piece. Of course, as far as the rest of the world is concerned, he died and Risa is missing - or just as dead, or very well hidden in some desert-friendly country, if that sort of place still exists. ” - Page 86

Disintegrated it shows the consequences of everything that happened in the first book and how the creation of this idea of fragmentation really happened. There starts to be a lot more action throughout the pages as more characters are inserted gradually and not everyone agrees with Connor's leadership style.

The character of Cam also appears, a being fully created with parts of hundreds of fragmented to show people how a perfect being can be created.

The cool thing about this volume is the reality of the narrative, how much everything looks like what we have today in society and truly anything can happen. How much parents deal with the issue of adolescence and often the difficulty of adaptation for some. The author talks a lot about this, citing very striking examples both in terms of children who were legitimately born and those who were donated.

“Luckily, the worst predictions have not come true. He was told that he would have permanent tremors in his hands and slurred speech. This did not happen. He was told that his muscles would atrophy and he would become weaker and weaker. It didn't happen either. In fact, regular exercise, while not gaining mass, gave him reasonably normal muscle tone. “- Page 175

You can tell that there is always the question of friendship and that there are also those who plant discord. It is a work full of adrenaline and that in the end leaves you wanting to know what will happen in the next volume, even if the author does not leave the book unfinished. But now I want to know the end of everything since he was a very enigmatic character and he can give the answer to everything.

Let's hope that the third volume, called Unsouled be published soon here. And there's more! It is a sequence of four books with more Undivided to finish. I almost went crazy knowing this now. The more the better, when the story is electrifying.

A tip: for those who read Vivan against the Apocalypse or Vivan against America, I can say that the style is quite similar, but I still feel more action and more content in the Fragmentados saga. May the next come.



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