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Start Books Reviews Book Review: Sweet Pursuit- JFSoram

Book Review: Sweet Pursuit- JFSoram

Sweet Pursuit is another great national detective novel, written by JFSoram .

Helena and Graziela they are sisters, very intimate, since they lost their parents early and now have a relationship almost like mother and daughter. Helena is older, a beautiful model who takes very good care of her younger sister, a perfect relationship, until Helena starts dating the handsome Philip and Grazi ends up falling in love with him.

Resenha Doce Perseguição

Of course Grazi has no desire to steal his sister's boyfriend, who in turn is also interested in her, so stay away as much as you can. Until one night everything changes and Helena is brutally murdered. Felipe is accused and arrested for murder and Grazi goes to live in Paris, to try to overcome.

For a fraction of an instant, Graziela thought that it was all just a nightmare, and that at any moment she was going to wake up for real.

Years later Grazi discovers that Felipe has been released and returns to Brazil wanting revenge. But your heart still wants Felipe. Even though he may have murdered his sister, will he be able to resist the charms of this handsome boy?

You can already get an idea of the pace of Sweet Pursuit, huh? It's frantic! At first we were apprehensive about the forbidden relationship of Grazi and Felipe, not only because he is her sister's boyfriend, but he is also older and more mature, while she is just a little girl. We are taken to a new scenario and even more apprehensive about Helena's death, we very much want to know who is to blame, at the same time that we wish it was not Felipe, as we are already captivated by him too ...

Sweet Pursuit it may seem somewhat predictable, but it is not! The narrative is holding you back and at the same time you want to know what crazy Gazi will do, the desire to know the real killer causes you enormous anxiety, as several clues are left and suddenly everyone is a suspect.

In addition, the book also deals with a very serious matter, a life lost by an attack of jealousy. I'm not giving any spoilers, right at the beginning we know that whoever the killer is, killed Helena out of pure jealousy. It makes you think and analyze your own feelings, while concluding that it will never be justifiable to take a life, especially for that reason.

The best is really for the end, only there the culprit is revealed. And it's amazing, believe me!

I already said this in a review of mine and I repeat: It is very rare to find quality police books in Brazil, I am very happy when I find and Sweet Pursuit it's the best I've read so far.

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