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Review | Doctor Sleep- Stephen King


Every fan of The illuminated he found himself wondering what would have happened to Danny after that traumatic episode in his childhood. Thirty years after the events in the Hotel Overlook, Stephen King tells curious readers what happened to Danny Torrence.

*** Attention, if you haven't read The Shining, don't read from here, it contains Spoilers for the book. ***

Since no trauma is without consequences, Danny (now called Dan) follows in his father's footsteps and ends up becoming an alcoholic. In one of his travels around the world, Dan ends up in a New Hampshire city, where he ends up settling in and joining Alcoholics Anonymous. There, he begins to work in a nursing home, where he uses his powers of enlightenment to help people on the verge of death, hence his nickname Doctor Sleep.

"When the Student is ready, the master appears. ”

Through Tommy, Dan knows Abra Stone, a much more enlightened girl than he who is in the sights of a group that feeds on psychic energies. Now, Dan needs to help Abra, while fighting his own demons.

Serving with a direct continuation of The Shining, there are several references throughout the book about the events in Overlook, given that they are important pieces in the course of the plot.

While not as good as its predecessor, Doctor Sleep gracefully closes Danny's saga, without leaving a hole, delivering to fans exactly what they wanted. Of the recent works of the author, who abandoned terror for a while, Doctor Sleep is the one that most promises to please fans, for going back to the origins of King's terror. The work doesn't have the same amount of horror as King's old works, but it does have the right amount of suspense to leave you sleepless to know what's going to happen.

With an intriguing and perfectly closed storyline, Doctor Sleep is a must-read for anyone who has read The Shining and Stephen King fans.



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