Review | 'Drako and the Elite of the Golden Dragons', by Paola Giometti


Do you know the story that holds you and you go deep until you know the end? It happened to me when I received the book Drako and the Golden Dragons Elite, by the author Paola Giometti. The plot revolves around Drako Brussels, a red colored dragon that was born differently from others of its kind. Okay, just because it contains dragon in the plot, it would be plot enough for fantasy readers to grab the book and devour its pages. It turns out that the dragon shares the spotlight of history with a fly. Yes, a fly, one of those that we live with astonishing but would give anything to be one of them to accompany someone's life or the development of something - come on, who never?

Well, the Drako, which is our dragon, belongs to the witch Creonice Brussels and lives on a kind of farm. Because he is unable to take flights due to his condition, he begins to unravel the world through reports of Zeze Gruds, the little fly Drako knows in a, shall we say, very familiar way. Upon discovering that his family had been liquidated because of his owner's spells, a friendship was born there. There is an identification with Zeze due to his witty, funny and talkative way. It would be the animal spirit of any person who wants to say what he thinks without measuring the consequences.

In the meantime, Drako discovers that theaunt Créo” is not the most affectionate and harmless owner due to her alliance with the Wizards Mafia in order to annihilate with the golden dragons and use their hides. That's where the "magic" begins, as the story's protagonist duo will have to face the various dangers to save the elite from the golden dragons.

The author Paola Giometti | Photo / Reproduction: Lendari

The plot addresses, in a playful way, how the transition from childhood to adolescence takes place. It is clear that the book has a language that is easy to understand for those who are not in adolescence, but the target audience of the author, in fact, will identify with the topics covered in the book. In fact, to be an adult, it is necessary to go through childhood and adolescence: I bet that at least there is no recollection of what they lived during these phases. This brings teaching to life and even healing for complexes.

Another topic that is addressed in the book is patterns. Much is said about the standardization of men or women and gradually, people who do not adapt to these realities, have risen up against what society calls “normal”. There are several examples that Drako took it as the right thing, the right thing. It is a process of deconstruction and it takes time. In a subtle way, Paola teaches us that “the pattern is not the pattern”.

This is the first book by Drako series and I can't wait for the next ones. According to the author herself, in 2020 we will have new adventures of the red dragon in Drako and the Tree Puzzle. The book was published by Publisher Lendari and is available for purchase on your official site and also, author's social networks. Ah, a tip: download the app that bears the name of the book and make your reading more amazing (available only for cell phones Android).



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