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Review | Dune - Graphic Novel


One of the greatest works of fiction of all time, Dune in Frank Herbert, arrives in Graphic Novel format by the publisher Intrinsic.

Graphic is adapted by Brian Herbert, son of the author, and by Kevin J. Anderson. This is the first volume, which, as described by the author, was divided into 3 volumes, like the books.

Duna is an interesting adaptation, as Brian did not modify the lines or narratives of the book, maintaining each word so that the original work would not be transformed into another version, thus losing all its essence. Of course, not everything is there, as art helps a lot to convey words in drawings that are practically paintings.

For those who have never read the books of Frank Herbert, is a great opportunity to start in the universe and be introduced to mystical characters, murderers, among many others that permeate a story that goes beyond fiction, with a severe criticism of our society and environment. Even written in the last century, in 1965 to be more exact, Duna is still more than current today.

The Graphic Novel of Dune it comes in a beautiful cover, with vibrant colors that translate well each planet and emotion of the characters involved in the plot. Unfortunately, sometimes these colors hinder reading, but nothing to spoil your immersion.

Volume 1 of Dune is a must-have for fans of Frank Herbert, as well as new readers and fans of fiction.



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