Review: And there was none left (The case of the ten blacks) - Agatha Christie



Agatha Christie no introduction required. The author is known as the Queen of crime who conquered the whole world with his detective novels, mainly involving Poirot or Miss Marple as leading detectives.

But in And there is none left there is no protagonist to solve their crimes, but ten characters, who do not know each other, because they are brought on false pretexts to the island Soldier, an isolated location purchased by a mysterious millionaire, known only as Mr. Owen.

The investigation is left to the reader, as these ten people are murdered according to the children's poem of the ten porcelain soldiers:

“Ten soldiers go out to dinner, hunger moves them;

One of them choked, and then nine were left. 

Nine soldiers who are up late, but none are up for it;

One slept too much, and then eight were left. 

Eight soldiers go for a walk and buy gum;

One didn't want to go back, and then there were seven left. 

Seven soldiers will split firewood, but lo and behold

That one of them was cut in half, and then there were six left. 

Six soldiers with the hive, playing hard;

The bee stings one, and then five are left. 

Five soldiers go to the court, to see the fact being judged;

One got in trouble, and then four left. 

Four soldiers go overboard; one had no time,

It was swallowed by the smoked herring, and then three were left. 

Three soldiers walking in the zoo, seeing lions and oxen,

The bear hugged one, and then two were left. 

Two soldiers playing in the sun, without any fear;

One burned, and then only one was left. 

A soldier is alone, only one remains;

He hanged himself,

And there are none left. ”


Mr.Owen made everyone listen on the first night of the mansion through a megaphone accusations of crimes committed by each of the guests, who for some eventuality were absolved of guilt. However, that night there was the first death, leaving the guests distressed and wanting to leave that island as soon as possible. As only they were there and there was no means of communication or transportation, they could not escape. To make matters worse, a storm was coming. The physical and mental despair of each one makes them more distressed and desperate, as well as the reader, who must restrain himself from reading the last pages to finally see who is causing this situation and why. The clues are few, which is frustrating for the anxious, but it is good because it makes the reader always go back a few pages to analyze something, or read the poem again and the accusations made, the victims, the lives of each one, that is, your own investigation.

The title of the work was initially "The tale of the ten Negroes", because the children's poem was about negrinhos, but it caused a lot of controversy, mainly in the United States because of the word “negrinhos”. The title was changed to other names in different countries until it reached ”And there is none left and the blacks in the poem were replaced by soldiers.

A special and very exciting work, from which I can barely reveal the number of pages, because you can't let go until you know the truth. If I were the detective I would arrest the wrong person and if I were one of the ten soldiers I would be the first to die because it is so unpredictable.


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