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Fairy tales conquer adults and children without ever going out of style. One of the most popular is Sleeping Beauty, which yielded several adaptations and recently even her villain had her life told in the film Maleficent, from Disney.

While Bela Slept it is a reading of this famous tale, with a touch of reality. Here, who narrates the events is Elise, a girl who had a poor childhood on the farm, but managed to rise in life until she reached the position of chaperon to the queen.

The Queen Lenore has difficulties in getting pregnant and in a moment of despair ends up resorting to the supposed magical powers of Milicent, aunt of the king. When the princess pink is born, what was supposed to be joy turns into tragedy with the king's decision to expel Milicent from the kingdom for distrusting his actions. With this, he ends up arousing his aunt's desire for revenge, which promises to return to end Rosa's joy.

It is impossible not to love this work. The realistic and even sensual way that the reinterpretation was made comes to resemble the original classics of the Brothers Grimm. Who, like me, loves to see a more viable and heavy version of fairy tales, will get into this story head on.

Elizabeth Blackwell nailed it by using a servant in the narrative. Elise removes the focus of the princess by showing much of her personal life, in addition to expressing the difficulties of the time for the less fortunate, so we can have a complete work without abusing the well-known facts of this tale, the same is just a reference here. This narrative also manages to arrest you in reading, using a small certain suspense at the end of the chapters.

“As I was ignorant, thinking that distance would reduce your ability to harm us! I would learn that every wish granted has a price, a price that we cannot predict until it is too late. ”

The best of While Bela Slept is in the final unpredictable. However good the development of the work, which by the way is wonderful, the way Elizabeth decided to finish it is the real asset.

Finally, I have to comment on the beauty of While Bela Slept. The cover is a work of art and blends perfectly with the small details of the layout that refer to a fairy tale. It is a book that leaves nothing to be desired in the visual field as well.

Enquanto Bela Dormia


  1. All the reviews I read about this book talk about the unpredictable ending and with each reading my desire to read only triples.
    I hope it exceeds my expectations.


  2. These adaptations of fairy tales are getting more and more cute right? I didn't know that book yet but I was interested. I love fairy tales.
    Camila Bernardini Coelho

  3. Hello, look, this book is being talked about so much that I'm dying to read it. The cover is beautiful, the plot is innovative and its review was great. It made me want to read more. Bjs

  4. Hi Taranis !!

    No!! I do not believe that you have read this book? I'm dying to read it and I thought it was something else entirely, believe me? Thankfully, there are reviews for us to get to know the work before reading and not to be slapped in the face…


    LuMartinho | Face

  5. Hello what's up?
    I have been reading very positive reviews of that book. I am not a fan of reinterpretations of fairy tales because the tales themselves do not interest me very much. Despite this, it seems to be an interesting reading with a surprising ending. The cover was perfect.

  6. Hi Taranis,

    This book is in my sights and this is the first review I read of it, I liked it a lot and excited me a lot, the cover really is very beautiful… .bjs.


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