Review | Between Kabul and the Butterfly Dance - Karina Manasseh


Resenha | Entre Cabul e a Dança das Borboletas - Karina Manasseh 1Between Kabul and the Butterfly Dance it is a deep and intense search for self-seeking. Maria is 34 years old and spends her life traveling the world on business and in each place she feels a little more free from any bondage of life, but her life changes when she meets João.

Maria is in love with João, a lawyer for a multinational company that divides life between business trips and family in Brazil. With certain things in common, Maria is increasingly attracted to him, mainly because he understands what it is like to always be in new places. With the difficulties to meet, she feels increasingly sad, feeling empty and wanting a purpose. 

During the narrative we can travel to different parts of the world with the protagonist, counting on explanations about conflicts, politics, the culture of the countries in which she passes, which makes reading even richer. She is living in a moment of transition, where she wants to discover how to feel complete and belonging somewhere and have a goal. When she goes to Kabul in Afghanistan, she feels a shock of reality very different from what she was used to and that arouses her curiosity to know herself better in a new place, to find a new Maria.

So, Kabul corresponds to her desire to go in search of the unknown and the Butterfly Dance she compares to when João was in a ballet dance performance by his daughter who dressed as a butterfly. With that she wants to go in search of Kabul and its Butterfly Dance, without strings attached, what she values most in life is her freedom and independence. Maria understands that João is not in the same moment of life as she, they both look for different things and the only thing in common is the love they feel for each other. 

Because the language is in the first person, it is possible to better understand all of Maria's thoughts, to know the reason for all her decisions and thus to create a closer relationship with the character. It is very real the way in which the writer described Maria, who has moments of insecurity, indecision or moments when she felt safe and that nothing would shake her. With strengths and weaknesses, Maria is a strong woman who due to events in the past she has not overcome, many things she does end up hurting her.

Between Kabul and the Butterfly Dance it is a book to reflect, cry and laugh, it is the responsibility of adult life and its difficulties, it is to know new feelings, places and to know yourself.


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