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Launched in 2010, Fallen is the first volume in the saga written by Lauren Kate who has already won his loyal legion of fans.

In the work we know Luce, a teenager chased by shadows since she was a little girl who ended up in Sword & Cross, a boarding school for young people who have had criminal problems. The girl is there for a crime she didn't actually commit, mysteriously the hut she was in. Trevor it caught fire and the boy died. For being a specialized place for criminals, Sword & Cross is very rigid and controlled, where cell phones and dangerous objects are not accepted, cameras watch the footsteps of the members and the most dangerous even have a bracelet that gives shock when they do something wrong.

There, Luce meets Penny and Ariane, from which a solid friendship begins, and the complicated Cam and Daniel, from which a love interest begins. Cam is a nice guy who treats Luce very well, always trying to win her over. But Luce has a strange attraction for Daniel, who seems to want to stay away from her, no matter how much she tries to get close to the mysterious boy.

The premise of Fallen it is very good, the author covers an interesting topic, however, it took almost the entire book to reach the exciting part. While trying to unravel the mystery about Luce and Daniel, we are trapped in a rather uninteresting teenage love triangle. The great problem of the work is that it takes almost all the reading to present a question that probably everyone already knew: the question of the fallen.

Lauren writes about love, about how that feeling can overcome everything and that makes the saga Fallen good - from the second volume onwards. It is not uncommon to read this first volume unfold with its supernatural adolescent rhythm and the interest returns only in the continuations, since when it reaches the good part, the book ends to start exactly where it left off in volume two.

Fallen it is a recommended reading for those who like the supernatural with a lot of romance, want to venture for a reasonably large series and have the patience to ignore the slow start.

The series Fallen has 4 books, entitled Fallen, Storm, Passion and Ecstasy. In addition to two Spin- Offs : In Love - Fallen's Love Story and The Book of Cam. All launched by Publisher Galera.

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review-fallen-lauren-kate  Released in 2010, Fallen is the first volume of the saga written by Lauren Kate that has already conquered her loyal legion of fans. In the work we meet Luce, a teenager haunted by shadows since she was little who ended up at Sword & Cross, a boarding school for young people who...


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