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Review: Flash Rebirth- Vol 1



The saga Rebirth appeared recently and has already won the interest of readers of the company's HQs. The proposal is to create a new reboot series, without changing the origin of the heroes, and eliminate the loose ends left in the New 52, which can now be ignored completely in this new timeline.

For this, it is necessary to work individually with each hero, thus, every month new solo stories come out of the characters from DC who will reconstruct the events in the Renaissance Universe. THE Panini, with impressive speed, has already started to publish the bound versions of these new adventures and the edition of the fastest Man in the world has already hit newsstands. Entitled Flash: Rebirth- Vol 1, the bound brings together the editions The Flash: Rebirth 1 and The Flash 1 to 5, the comics that start the new Hero phase.

The plot starts right after the events shown in DC Universe: Rebirth (if you haven't read it yet, read it before continuing this and all other solo readings in this new phase). Exploring the relationship between Barry and Wally after the Flashpoint, the first edition shows again how Barry became the Flash, but without going too long and without becoming repetitive. Soon after, a new plot develops, when August, Barry's colleague in the police, acquires powers similar to those of the hero by being struck by lightning in the middle of a battle. Barry helps him adapt and gains a new partner, however, they are not alone for long, as a lightning storm hits Central City, turning several citizens into sprinters.

Flash: Rebirth | Image: DC Comics

While trying to unravel how this mysterious storm happened, Barry, with the help of Meena Dhawan, which turns the STAR laboratory into a kind of training center, helps educate those affected while pursuing those who use the new powers for illicit activities. Peace is short-lived, as a new villain presents himself and thus the God of Speed is introduced into the story. Undoubtedly, this villain is the high point of the plot, as it proves to be complex, mysterious and very ambitious. All that is known at first is that he manages to steal the speed of others and probably caused the storm for that.

Flash: Rebirth- Vol 1 recreates the story of Barry and Wally without changing the essentials and thus avoiding becoming repetitive by delving into the character's well-known origin. In a few pages and a few words, HQ reinforces these events and sets the characters very well. Wally, on the other hand, has its origins well explored, but without needing a Reboot. Wally already showed some intimacy with the Speed Force, until he is hit by the same ray that hit everyone and becomes stronger, finally building up the courage to train, even though he still hides his ability from Iris.

The roadmap for Joshua Williamson builds the characters very well, showing that this new phase is still very promising. Featuring from new partners to new villains, the plot manages to restart events without leaving any loose ends and still ends with a huge hook for the next editions. Beside the art of Carmine Di Giandomenico, Neil Googe and Felipe Watanabe, which manage to maintain a beautiful consistency in lines and colors, the binding is interesting and thought provoking, proving that Rebirth it was a sure decision from DC.



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