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Review: Fire Against Fire - Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian



And behold, it is time for the conclusion of the trilogy Eye for an eye of the authors Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian, so awaited by the reading public. For those who do not remember, an eye for an eye and Tooth by tooth were launched in 2013 and 2014, respectively. From there the New concept left a space for the publication of the last volume and went crazy who waited so long for the end of the story when he announced that 2017 would enter with the ending in Fire against fire.

To remember a little, it is worth remembering that the saga talks about the story of three girls: Kat, a more fearless and determined teenager, the redhead of the group, whose best friend was Rennie and who was exchanged for the same when Lillia entered the story. We also have Lillia, the rich and joyful girl, who is always with the high school crowd and is a cheerleader. Walk along with the players and the most popular. And finally we have Mary, the sweet and sweet girl who returned to the island after a long time away, who knows Lillia's friends, but who keeps a big secret.

It is in this context that they come together to form a trio that will execute plans for revenge against some people. In the first book, Reevie is the most famous athlete who wants to become a professional player. In the second volume, it is Reenie's turn to notice the frames and also fall into trouble.

Now in Fire against fire the great truth has been revealed. In fact the end of Tooth by Tooth already reveals Mary's great secret and it was there that I was totally absorbed and desperate to know the end of the story. Until then, there was no way to know what was happening, even if the authors were gradually giving tips all the time. But the big secret is quite revealing and scary, which leaves the will for the third book even bigger.

Fire against fire it was a little calmer than i expected. At first it will be shown everything that happened with the passage of time and the consequences of the revenge that the girls did and gradually Kat and Lillia will also discover Mary's real secret. This is where the action of the book begins. This is the big turnaround.

“I have probably been doing this for a long time. Only I didn't allow myself to understand. I remember the days I spent here at school this year, attending classes as if I were enrolled, doing homework. Even dreaming of the college I would enroll in next year. ” - Page 76

When everything seems lost or when nothing else seems to be true, history leaps and shows how actions from the past can come back and establish what will come next. Often a pact created cannot be broken without someone being hurt and it is this type of message that the book sends: revenge plans do not always work. Often even those who create them can also get hurt.

“I can't see Kat, not yet. She will ask me questions, she will pressure me to know the details, and I am a terrible liar. She will know right away that something is wrong. I will have to avoid it until I find out what to say. ” –Page. 237

The cool thing is that the authors also managed to finish in a different way than I expected. It was not a cliché when it comes to novels, although there are some others, but it does not change the context of the story. There is a legacy of friendship that is also part of the third book and shows how strong these ties can be.

Finally, the saga was concluded in a coherent way. There was not even a type of loose end, since it also tells what happens to everyone after a while at the end of high school and whoever was waiting to really understand what happened will be able to breathe in peace.

Remembering that the layout is great, with bigger letters and divided into chapters between the characters. A tip for those who stayed all this time being to read the books is to brush up on the previous books or reread them, so when starting Fire against Fire the story will be very fresh to be able to enjoy every moment.



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