Review: Gavião Arqueiro- Small Hits



Hawkeye: Small Hits is the hardcover bound from Panini which brings together the Hawkeye #6 to Hawkeye #11 editions, with a slightly unconventional theme: What Clint Barton do when you're on vacation from the Avengers?

small hits follows the pattern of the previous collection, Hawkeye: My Life As A Weapon, maintaining the quality of what is considered one of the best in the Marvel in the last years. This is due to his style, which escapes from the big events and explores, in a fun and dramatic way, the everyday life of a common man.

Again, Matt Friction delivers an excellent script with dialogues alternating in a very satisfying way between humor and drama. The illustrations of David act they refer to the old comics, back in the beginning of the comics, making the magazines even more informal and unique. The union of these two elements resulted in a binding of indisputable quality.

Archer hawk share stardom with Kate Bishop, the Archer Hawk, but still gets the biggest focus. The relationship between the two forms a very interesting contrast in this comic, even though they share the same identity, they have very different personalities. Barton is exploited as an ordinary citizen, constantly making mistakes and even being slighted by his neighbors. His emotional side is also brought up here, pointing out at various times that he's the bachelor type with relationship issues.

Creativity is definitely the high point in small hits. To prove it, first editions play with time, being narrated in a non-linear way, using past and future dates to explain each event.

Hawkeye: Small Hits, like the previous volume, is a more than recommended read. Due to its differentiated content, it promises to please even the least fans of comics, after all, it is not exactly a Super-Hero comic.


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