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Review | Gotham: DPGC - Fulfilling Duty



not just from Batman lives Gotham. The police force also does a great job in the city and that's what Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka feature in their 40-issue series, which is now re-released by Panini through 4 hardcover bindings that bring together 10 of these editions.

Gotham- DPGC: In the Line of Duty is the first book of the series, which already begins showing the full potential of the scriptwriting duo for detective works. Showcasing three different cases, which are solved in two or three volumes, the stories are evolving and daring, dealing not only with intriguing crimes, but also relevant personal matters of the officers.

Chosen by Commissioner Gordon himself, when he was still active in the police force, the competent team takes on complicated cases, which mix DC villains with common crimes, while proving that in some cases Batman's help is necessary, in others, it is not.

In order not to jeopardize the development of the characters, Brubaker and Rucka share the responsibility of each arc, where one writes the day team, and the other the night team. With the exception of the first, which is authored by both.

In one of these arcs, Rene Montoya stands out and presents the most interesting plot of the binding. Rucka bets on all the prejudices that the character suffers, intensified when she is forced to assume her homosexuality, which not only harms her relationship at work, but also with her parents. Montoya is not the only one to have personal dilemmas presented, but she is certainly the most significant. this bow, Half life, was responsible for the Eisner and Harvey awards that the series won.

Underscoring the importance of the police in such a dangerous city, knowing the moments when a hero's help is needed and addressing relevant issues, Gotham: GCPD – In the Line of Duty it is a remarkable binding that brings together the beginning of an interesting series and worth following.

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gotham-dpgc-on-duty-reviewStressing the importance of the police in such a dangerous city, knowing the times when a hero's help is needed and addressing relevant issues, Gotham: DPGC - In Fulfillment of Duty is a remarkable bookbinding



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