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Review | Halloween: The Legacy of Michael Myers


The Darkside she is already famous for having beautiful editions and is increasingly establishing herself with her special works on horror classics. Having released some outstanding editions such as The nightmare time and Donnie Darko, the publisher's new bet is the famous and timeless Halloween.

Halloween: The Legacy of Michael Myers it's an eye-popping edition full of relevant content. Showing the entire trajectory of the franchise, reaching the current films, the book serves fans and is a precious work for students and audiovisual professionals, showing the details of how the creation of what would be a lasting franchise and a landmark happened. of terror.

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Published by the seal Macabre, the book is the definitive guide to the fictional town of Haddonfield and everything related to its inhabitants. With all possible content about the universe created by John Carpenter in 1978, the work tells stories of how the inspiration and creation of the first feature came about, interviews, trivia, the following production paths and everything that made Halloween become this icon of cinema that has been active for over 40 years and helped to shape the slashers after its release.


Written by Dustin McNeill, a horror movie fan who has released books on the subject in several publishers, and Travis Mullins, a journalist who has been writing for the horror site Dread Central since 2017 and gives several interviews for this work, Halloween: The Legacy of Michael Myers is a remarkable edition that deserves attention, with a rich content that promises to please fans and professionals in the field. It's a content-packed read that also adds a lot to the look of your bookshelf.



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